SAA to operate charter flights for governments, repatriate foreign nationals from South Africa
02-04-2020 12:40:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 4401 | Tags:

Following the national lockdown in South Africa, representatives of several governments have engaged with the joint BRPs of South African Airways (SAA) to consider having the national carrier provide safe passage of their citizens to their respective home countries. 

These engagements have required the consideration, approval and support of the South African government to implement and taking into account the amended regulations issued by the Department of Transport.

After engagements with various embassies and in consultation with the relevant government departments, SAA has agreed to provide repatriation charter flights to various international destinations. 

The first of these chartered flights will be for the repatriation of German citizens to their home country.  They are expected operate from Friday, 3 April 2020 from Johannesburg to Munich and Cape Town to Frankfurt.  The BRPs have confirmed that negotiations are ongoing with other governments for the repatriation of their citizens.

SAA will operate the charter services subject to the health and safety provisions contained in the regulations and other relevant provisions during the lockdown. To address the health and safety concerns of both passengers and crew and in compliance with the lockdown regulations, the airline wishes to point out the following:

(a) These flights are commercial in nature to deal with the thousands of passengers who could not be accommodated as a consequence of the immediate lockdown.

(b) These flights are not for the transportation of individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19 and are not medical evacuation flights. 

(c) Individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19 will not be allowed on any of these flights.

(d) All passengers would be subject to the screening protocols prior to departure as required by the South African authorities and SAA’s policies.

(e) Any passengers that presents flu-like symptoms will not be allowed on any of these flights.

“In these difficult times, SAA is committed to collaborating with all its partners and stakeholders in the fight against Covid-19. The airline will ensure the necessary transfer of passengers and essential cargo takes place in a safe and compliant manner for all during these flights”, noted the BRPs.