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Rwazi is recruiting 10,000 young Africans to gather on-ground information

Rwazi is recruiting 10,000 young Africans to gather on-ground information

Rwazi, a company that provides organizations with on-ground data from Africa is recruiting 10,000 young Africans.

The company has built a network of now 6,000+ mappers to provide organizations with fresh, on-ground data from countries across sub-Saharan Africa to facilitate effective decision making. Organizations across the world can then tap into this network to obtain on-ground information that is necessary to inform their decisions.

Companies frequently need data from Africa as they plan for expansions, partnerships or other business activities. Unfortunately, there is currently no way of collecting and analysing on-ground data from African countries. Rwazi is solving this problem by developing a network which customers can use to obtain updated data from target areas.

“We are the first and only company in the world with a large and growing network of mappers spread across urban and rural areas all over sub-Saharan Africa,” says Rwazi founder Joseph Rutakangwa. “With this network, we hope to generate valuable data and reduce the unemployment in developing countries.”

The Rwazi network helps international organizations to get valuable data right from the people who use their products and services. On one hand, organizations need real-time, on-ground data to make effective decisions on activities such as expansion, investments, distribution, new product or service offerings and target beneficiaries.

On the other hand, millions of young people in Africa need more opportunities to earn an income. They are educated, use smartphones, have access to the internet, and are usually the target customers or beneficiaries.

This network is designed to serve organizations across the globe that need data from Africa. NGOs, companies, and government agencies can easily tap into the network and get the information they need. Rwazi already has customers in various industries, including healthcare, customer goods, automotive, education, finance, agriculture, energy, transport, and media, among others.

The Rwazi network has been a particularly valuable resource during the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when travelling has been harder than usual. While travel limitations have restricted the activities organizations can perform in person, organizations can tap into the Rwazi network and execute on-ground activities in areas that are difficult to reach.

Rwazi is poised to be a powerhouse of data from Africa. They currently have over 6,000 mappers spread across cities, municipalities, towns, and villages in 40 African countries and are currently recruiting 10,000 young Africans by the end of 2021.

The company's objective is to make data from developing countries accessible while creating 10 million gigs by 2025.

Young Africans who are interested to join the Rwazi Mapper Network can apply by via this link.. Organizations can contact Rwazi by sending an email to


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