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Over 80 Kenyan companies boost productivity, cashflow with Kaizen

Over 80 Kenyan companies boost productivity, cashflow with Kaizen

More than 80 Kenyan companies have adopted Kaizen practices to improve operations in the last 19 years and have reaped considerable benefits in their productivity, cash flows and operations according to Chairman and Founding Director of Kaizen Institute Africa, Mr Grover Vinod.

Unga Holding Limited, London Distillers Limited, Kariki Group and Coninx are the latest to be awarded for their exemplary operational functionality, having adopted Kaizen Practices.

Kaizen practices, when incorporated into business, seek to improve productivity, reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary hard work and humanize the workplace.

Speaking at the KAM-Kaizen Forum, KAM Vice Chair Mr Sachen Gudka noted that it is essential for manufacturers to look into adopting Kaizen Practices, adding that it is an opportunity to gain techniques in maintaining sustainable business growth and improvements in processes, systems and profits.

“In order to increase productivity in the manufacturing sector, we need make our supply chains stronger and more integrated. While external environments can be challenging, adopting practices like Kaizen provide an opportunity to better our operations, cut waste, improve quality, productivity and profitability. It is great to see that companies have prioritized practising progressive business models that better our competitiveness locally and internationally,” Mr Gudka said

Other companies awarded include: Blowplast Kenya, PZ Cussons, ABM and Hybrid Poultry Farms (Zambia).

KAM – KAIZEN programme has since 2005 played a key role in supporting industry’s investment  in Africa, particularly in Kenya. KAIZEN institute has over 30 business units and is found in over 50 countries. This was the 14th edition of the forum.


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