Norsad Capital rebranded
21-04-2022 09:09:00 | by: Marlene Mutimawase | hits: 2748 | Tags:

The revised and refreshed Norsad brand aligns with its objective of powering growth across sub-Saharan Africa by providing tailor-made debt solutions to companies that are financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable. Norsad Capital has identified markets for expansion, and we embark on our growth strategy confident that we will make a palpable and far-reaching difference to millions.

Norsad Capital will be entrenched as a leading private capital provider servicing African businesses that prioritize sustainable social development.

The purpose is to build a better Africa through providing capital to businesses and projects whose goals impact sustainability as they do on profit. With the rebranding comes a renewed focus on capital provision for sustainable growth.

Norsad Capital is looking to the future, unlocking new opportunities, leading by example, and committed to the business model – that has partnerships and diversity at its core – that delivers exceptional results for the continent we are deeply invested in.

The new logo is simple and clean. The rebrand is a true demonstration of sustainable partnerships. It reflects the spirit of collaboration, embodied in the antecedent SADC and Nordic cooperation. The addition of the color blue has a calmness to it and the branded ‘O’ shows dynamism yet is professional and simple.

The new brand depicts the Norsad transformation and captures our essence of being a catalytic organization that is committed to sustainability and impact.