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[Nigeria] HUMBL and One Kiosk team up on Africa home delivery network

[Nigeria] HUMBL and One Kiosk team up on Africa home delivery network

HUMBL® - A U.S.-based, mobile financial services provider, and One Kiosk® – a Nigeria fintech specializing in local merchant ordering and deliveries, will be teaming up to pilot the HUMBL Mobile Pay, HUMBL Point-of-Sale (POS) and HUMBL Hubs® delivery network, for contactless delivery of local goods and services such as groceries, restaurants and pharmaceuticals.

One Kiosk® pairs local merchants with online ordering and delivery services, often within 1-2 kilometers of one another, enhancing local African economies through global technology, fair wage youth job opportunities and a local supply chain. One Kiosk® currently delivers across a network of over 40,000 local merchants in Nigeria.

"Particularly with COVID-19 – we're seeing a boom here in Nigeria around online ordering, delivery platform and in-home service requests," said Adeshina Adewumi, CEO of One Kiosk®. "With One Kiosk®, we can turn any local retailer into a HUMBL Hubs® online merchant, and that's a powerful economic driver in any community," said Adewumi.

"HUMBL® is proud to be putting our mobile technology solutions to work in Africa with One Kiosk®," said Brian Foote, CEO of HUMBL®. "We know local customers want delivery-as-a-service, but the margin economics of that business are challenging. Local merchants can't all build their own mobile apps, logistics, payment and delivery networks – HUMBL® helps them get in the game against big box competitors."

HUMBL® will be teaming up with One Kiosk to deliver end-to-end HUMBL Hubs® Mobile ordering, payments, tipping, rating and reviews to boost customer relationship management (CRM) – along with contactless "1-Hour Click and Receive" delivery programs from driver-to-doorstep in the African corridor.


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