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MTN and Kirusa partner to launch InstaVoice service in Swaziland

MTN and Kirusa partner to launch InstaVoice service in Swaziland

MTN Swaziland, a telecom operator and Kirusa, a communication solutions provider over data networks for consumers and enterprises, have partnered to launch the unique InstaVoice service in Swaziland.

With the deployment of the InstaVoice service, MTN subscribers in Swaziland will now receive missed call and voicemails notifications anytime they miss a call such as when their mobile phones are out of coverage or switched off. This service is the first of its kind in Swaziland.

Using the InstaVoice app, missed calls and voicemails are delivered over data. MTN smartphones users can receive, listen, manage, and respond to their missed calls and voicemails via text, voice, & pictures all in a unique chat-like user interface. The benefits of the service are increasingly maximized as MTN subscribers will enjoy additional features like unlimited voice messages, personalized greetings, the option to link multiple numbers, including international numbers, to a single account, the ability to retract an already sent voice message, and the option to receive missed calls and voice messages in an email.

Meanwhile, feature phone users will receive missed calls and voicemail notifications via SMS. They can simply follow the instruction within the SMS to retrieve these. Users can dial ‘star’, followed by the recipient’s number to record and send a voice message.

Speaking on the launch, Sam Shongwe, Chief Commercial Officer at MTN Swaziland said, “What we’re building together with Kirusa is a unique experience for our customers. We are ecstatic to partner with Kirusa and offer such an incredible service to our subscribers.”

Prior to the launch of the InstaVoice service, subscribers were faced with missing invaluable opportunities inherent in missed calls from business partners, family and friends. The launch of this service eliminates these losses.

Also commenting on the launch, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder and CEO of Kirusa, stated: “Offered in partnership with dozens of mobile operators, InstaVoice uses the power of cloud to provide seamless communication across networks and countries. Today, our call completion service is used by over 100 Million unique users every month. We are excited to bring the InstaVoice service to the Kingdom of Eswatini via our partnership with MTN.”

Exponential increase of mobile phone penetration in Swaziland has been a growth driver for multiple businesses. With telecom operators jostling for increasing market share, value of call completion services such as this cannot be over emphasized.


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