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Moov partners with Kirusa to launch InstaVoice channels service in Benin

Moov partners with Kirusa to launch InstaVoice channels service in Benin

Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises, has announced the launch of its InstaVoice Channels Service in partnership with Moov, a leading telecommunications operator in Benin.

The Celebrity aspect of this content service, which is offered as part of InstaVoice Channels, brings together celebrities from Benin and environs, as well as their fans. Using the voice blogging feature, stars express their emotions and share their moments of joy and happiness on a daily basis; voice messages are sent instantly to fans, creating a "Voice Twitter" like experience.

With the launch of InstaVoice Channels, Moov Benin subscribers can receive voice updates from celebrities like Willy Mignon, Richard Flash, Blaaz, Dibi Dobo, Tyaff, Miss Espoir, Kemy, Vano Baby, Wilf Enighma, Dah Adagboto and many others.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the launch, Richard Flash said: "It's a pleasure for me to be part of this service that connects celebrities and their fans on a personal level. Congratulations to Moov and Kirusa for this initiative. I am looking forward to having continuous interaction with my subscribers.”

The Sports section of the content service is another aspect of the unique InstaVoice Channels platform that provides daily football updates, such as team news, post and pre-game reviews, player, and coaches transfers, etc. Users can follow all the teams of the EPL, as well as UEFA and La Liga.

"We are very pleased to offer this unique service in partnership with Kirusa, which promises an interactive engagement of celebrities and fans with constant updates. Benin is home to passionate football fans and fiery fans of entertainment. We hope that the Moov Celebrity and Sports Content Services will meet the desires of our subscribers to stay in touch with their favorite celebrities and football clubs,” said Brice Kpangon, Manager, Value Added Services, Moov Benin.

Similarly, Vice President-Operations, Kirusa,  Barinderpal Mumick said: "InstaVoice Channels is a dynamic and user-friendly platform for staying informed and connected with celebrities, sports, and news. We hope Moov subscribers in Benin will greatly appreciate our celebrity and sports services and get the most out of their mobile phones."


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