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Mastercard launches SME Dining Series to support small businesses in Nigeria

Mastercard launches SME Dining Series to support small businesses in Nigeria

Mastercard has announced the launch of its SME Dining Series in support of small businesses in Abuja and Lagos. The initiative calls on people who have an appreciation of local good food, to join Mastercard in supporting small businesses, local restaurants and community livelihoods in Abuja and Lagos.

The SME Dining Series seeks to support and promote SMEs in Nigeria, as they build their businesses in response to the changing consumer behaviour, due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. The support and promotion of SMEs and local restaurants will be actioned by driving awareness to these local businesses.

The SME Dining Series will highlight favourite foods enjoyed by Nigerian diners, showing the variety of Nigeria’s culinary scene, in addition to encouraging diners to enjoy eating out on occasion, the campaign will also give consumers the chance to experience the Mastercard Priceless Delivery (a 7 course meal in a box delivered to winners), specially curated by Chef Eros in response to movement restrictions during the pandemic.  .

Throughout the pandemic, Mastercard has made it its mission to support SMEs in many industries across the globe through numerous initiatives and campaigns. The past year has seen SMEs faced with several challenges leading to declines in revenue, transactions, footfall, and employment, with the hospitality and tourism sector especially hard-hit. The partnership with locally acclaimed food enthusiast Chef Eros, owner of Ile Eros, Chef Amina Adegboro, owner of Pitstop who launched her restaurant in January 2020 and Chef Nkessi who owns HSE Gourmet restaurant conveys this important message as to the extent to which Mastercard supports these local businesses to enable them to thrive in the emerging new business environment.

“Consumers have a priceless opportunity to contribute to the economic and emotional well-being of their communities by supporting small local businesses. Great food is a passion for many people, and local restaurants will appreciate the chance to do what they do so well, while people can enjoy themselves – and do well by doing good. Mastercard will continue to support small businesses with insights, data, online tools, digital payments, and cyber technology to weather the immense challenges of the past year,” said Ifeoma Dozie, Director Marketing and Communications, Mastercard Sub-Saharan Africa.


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