Kirusa, Vodacom launch InstaVoice in Lesotho
04-05-2017 08:26:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 4001 | Tags:

Kirusa, a telecom and social media solutions provider has partnered with Vodacom Lesotho for the launch of InstaVoice Channels. InstaVoice Channels service incorporates Celebrity and Sports content while supporting multiple carriers.

The Celebrity content service, offered as a part of InstaVoice Channels, brings celebrities and their fans together. Using the voice blogging feature, celebrities express their emotions and share their joyous and challenging moments on a regular basis; the voice messages are delivered instantly to the fans, creating a “Voice Twitter” like experience. This service is also available over an App which makes the service experience better for smartphone users.

With the launch of this content service, Vodacom subscribers can receive voice updates from popular figures in Lesotho like- Motivational Speaker Mary Bosiu, Comedian Bofilha Neko, Hip-hop prodigies Skebza D and Dollaman.

Distinguished Orator, Mary Bosiu expressed her eagerness to begin interacting with her fans. She says, “It is delightful to join a great forum that seeks to forge transparent communication between fans and celebrities. I am eager to start sharing my ideas with followers on a larger, more empowering scale.”

The Sports content service is another component of the unique InstaVoice Channels platform that provides daily soccer updates, such as team news, pre and post-match analysis, quotes from team players and managers. Users can follow all English Premiere League Clubs, along with UEFA and La Liga. One can get alerts on football news, players, matches, goals, penalties and much more.

“Kirusa’s InstaVoice Channels is a unique forum that seeks to both connect fans, celebrities, and sports clubs together, through voice. The service strikes the right chord with Vodacom’s spirit, and we hope that our endeavour meets every user’s expectations,” said Mpho Brown, Vodacom Lesotho Communications Manager.

On a similar note, Founder and CEO of Kirusa, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick said, “After attaining remarkable success across multiple network carriers in Arica, we are introducing InstaVoice Channels for Vodacom subscribers in Lesotho. I hope that Vodacom users in Lesotho will find great value in InstaVoice offerings.”