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[Kenya] TradeMark East Africa, Mombasa County ink $2.7 million financing deal for critical road

[Kenya] TradeMark East Africa, Mombasa County ink $2.7 million financing deal for critical road

TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) and the Mombasa County Government have inked a $2.7 million financing deal towards construction of the Mbaraki-Nyerere Road.

The amount will cover design, building and supervision consultancy for the project. TMEA will provide US$2.3 million for the project.

The funding is provided through TMEA donors, with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) contributing US$ 1.7 million while Denmark’s development co-operation agency (DANIDA) contributing US$ 0.5 million. The Mombasa County Government will fund the balance amounting to US$ 0.4 million.

The project is expected to unclog the Mbaraki Wharf region and the adjacent Likoni Ferry area, which suffer frequent traffic snarl ups as a result of cargo trucks offloading cargo from oil tankers and clinker ships.

The project scope will entail tarmacking the 1.2 kilometre road, constructing a parking bay for trucks waiting to collect cargo at the oil terminal, paths for non-motorised transport, proper road drainage systems and a road solar lighting component.

The Mbaraki-Nyerere Road Project has been hailed as a ‘Green-Road Project’ by transport experts, due to the significant reduction of the carbon footprint anticipated. Speaking during the deal signing ceremony Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho noted that the project would greatly improve traffic flow in the region.

‘As a government we are committed to improving both the lives and business competitiveness of Mombasa. This project is going to tackle congestion in a short yet extremely critical and busy section of Mombasa. We are grateful for the strong support by TradeMark East Africa and its partners in this project and look forward to the project’s ground-breaking’ said Joho.

On his part, TMEA Country Director Ahmed Farah explained that the project is expected to enhance service delivery to the residents of Mombasa, tourists and most importantly the business community especially while evacuating cargo from the port of Mombasa.

‘By modernizing this road, cargo will leave the port faster, translating into reduced transport costs and ultimately reduced cost of business in one of the leading ports in the region. Further, by providing a safe and adequate parking bay for trucks in the area, we will eliminate roadside parking, which itself contributes to traffic congestion’ noted TMEA Country Director Ahmed Farah.

Head of UKs Department for International Development in Kenya, Julius Court said: “The UK Government is committed to supporting Kenya’s economic growth and this includes good infrastructure which not only provides access to basic services but also creates jobs and boosts business. Our support to this road will complement existing projects that the UK Government is funding through UK Aid and benefitting the population of Mombasa.”

Mette Knudsen, Ambassador of Denmark to Kenya said: “By combining trade facilitation with a reduction of the carbon footprint this ´Green-Road Project’ is both innovative and very important for DANIDA as well as an inspiration for the continued collaboration between Kenya and Denmark.”

Following the financing agreement signing ceremony today, design works are expected to be completed by early 2020, paving way for ground-breaking in March 2020. A construction period of 10 months is envisioned.

Over the next few days there will conclusion of the formation of KPA and Mombasa County joint technical committee to spearhead partnership and collaboration that will pave way for the two entities move this port City to new heights of global competitiveness and make Mombasa a World class Port City it ought to be.


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