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Kenya Association of Manufacturers and Kenya Power address power supply hitches via Whatsapp

Kenya Association of Manufacturers and Kenya Power address power supply hitches via Whatsapp

The Kenya umbrella body for manufacturers, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, is working with power utility company Kenya Power in addressing power supply, a key component for manufacturers.

To enhance effective communication on, for example reporting power outages, the two have embraced Whatsapp group.

According to KAM chairlady Flora Mutahi frequent and unplanned power interruptions have been responsible for slowing of operations among manufacturers which has informed the decision to engage real time with Kenya Power.

 “We are working closely with Kenya Power to ensure quality and reliable power supply through various platforms such as regional forums and Whatsapp Groups in the Chapters,” she said.

She blamed interruptions to the rising cost of production.

The manufacturing sector accounts for 60 per cent of the utility’s revenue.

The closer interaction has started to bear fruit, according to AG Kenya Power CEO Ken Tarus, who says the company has invested appropriately in improving the quality and reliability of electricity supply to industries.

“We have held regular engagements with our industrial customers under KAM in all regions across the country which has resulted in efficient utilization of power by industry thus enhancing energy security in addition to reduced complaints from our industrial customers,” adds Tarus.

Kenya Power has also been active on social media, responding faster to customer queries on Twitter, and is one of the few public companies that have a Telegram bot.

To stabilize power distribution and expand the grid, the company says it will construct 36 additional substations under the Power Distribution Masterplan.

Last year, Kenya Power introduced the Live Line Power Maintenance program that allows maintenance of distribution lines without switching off supply. This will reduce downtime for industries and cut losses resulting from loss of production time.

Tarus also says KP has introduced Automatic Metering Reading Systems (AMR) and Smart Meters for commercial customers which ensures there is real-time monitoring of consumption resulting in accurate billing.

The Company adopted new procurement guidelines that will see it source for 80 per cent of its supplies from the local market including transformers and meters.

At the moment, all poles and cables required for electrification projects across the country are sourced locally.


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