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[Kenya] African Elite Group awarded best boutique PR Agency award at global event

[Kenya] African Elite Group awarded best boutique PR Agency award at global event

Boutique PR agency, African Elite Group Ltd, headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya has been awarded an international award, at the 4th annual  MEA (Middle East & Africa Markets)  Business Awards 2020, a win under the category for a best boutique PR agency, a coveted award that was contested by various agencies across the globe.

Speaking after receipt after the formal announcement of the win, African Elite Group CEO, Lucia Musau expressed delight at the win noting that being recognized for doing what her firm is committed to  is a great  honor. “ 2020 has also been a tough year for brands to survive and it’s has been our mission to see brands get back up and continue dominating their space as they serve their clients.”,  she added.

The nomination and awarding process as stated by the organizing body, MEA (Middle East and Africa), is subject to the rigorous internal vetting procedure which is guided by the nominated firm’s expertise in their field, dedication to customer service, and a commitment to promoting excellence.

MEA also in their official statement observed that winners in various categories are based purely on merit through their invaluable contribution to the industry, overall business performance, longevity, sustained business growth and significant innovations and customer feedback as opposed to the popularity of votes.

The Middle East and Africa regions stand at the forefront of modern business and remain one of the most powerful and influential corporate landscapes in the world, hence the attention and recognition of business enterprises making great strides in their markets.

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