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[Ghana] HFC Realty outdoors latest housing development

HFC Realty Company, a subsidiary of HFC Bank, has opened its latest development to the public, pledging to help reduce the huge housing deficit of 1.7 million.

The project comprising 106 detached and semi-detached expandable two bedroom houses is located at Dawhenya.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Robert Le Hunte, Managing Director of HFC Bank, said after 25 years of operation the bank is well positioned to leverage on the experience Republic Bank in mortgage financing and financing infrastructure projects for the benefit of customers.

Mr Le Hunt said HFC’s equity base is also strengthened with this strong backing to provide competitive mortage loan products with longer maturities and added value for customers.

In an interview with Joseph Amo-Mensah, Chief Executive Officer, HFC Realty said the latest estate project sited at Community 25 extension commenced in 2013 and was completed in 2014.

He said to help customers appreciate the new gated community estate the bank has designated two model houses, with complete furnishing and compound landscaping for customers to visit.

“The quality of the houses, layout of the estate infrastructure tells of the solid experience of the company in estate development,” he said.

“We all know the issue of the lack of housing stock in Ghana, a deficit of 1.7million houses. We in our own way have taken steps over the years to contribute to augmenting the housing needs in Ghana. So we acquired this land at Community 25 extension Dawenya, 22 acres land, fenced the whole land, gated the land and has a first phase of 106 houses developed at a go,” he said.

He said: “Because of our reputation and experience, we make sure that we provide properties that have clean title and it makes it easy for the mortgage companies not just HFC Bank but our other clients.

“It becomes easier for them to deal with a credible institution like us because we go through the pain of ensuring we give clean and secured titles. The whole community is fenced so this is what we have to show the world.”

He said the prices for the property are more competitive than others on the market, which do not have our kind of space layout, the total of square area and the kind of furnishes that we have per a survey.

He said to make housing purchasing easy, HFC Realty has been introducing prospective clients to the mortgage department of HFC Bank to enable them go through the mortgage process.


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