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Global tyre manufacturer Goodyear seeks to expand to Zambia and DR Congo

Global tyre manufacturer Goodyear seeks to expand to Zambia and DR Congo

As part of its growth strategy, Goodyear Middle East & Africa (MEA) is actively seeking the right distributor & service provider to expand its reach within Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

With over 125 years of global experience in tyre manufacturing, Goodyear has established itself as a trusted and reliable provider of top performing OTR tyres for a wide range of construction and mining applications. The company's OTR portfolio includes tyres for haul trucks, loaders, graders, and other heavy machinery.

The ideal distributor & service provider for Goodyear MEA should be a proven player in the tyre industry, have an established distribution network, and a deep understanding of the local OTR tyre market.

The successful distributor and service provider will have non-exclusive rights to sell Goodyear OTR tyres within Zambia and DRC, and benefit from the company's extensive product range, marketing support, and technical expertise.

"Goodyear’s OTR tyre solutions, some of which are manufactured right here in Africa, are engineered to the highest quality and performance standards,” said Jeandre Bezuidenhout, OTR Manager Emerging Markets of Goodyear. “We are looking to partner and grow with a distributor & service provider who shares our commitment to high quality and customer service and is well-versed in supporting end-users to overcome the unique challenges within mining and construction operations.”



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