GameMania, first ever money casino mobile app, launched in Kenya
12-01-2017 10:30:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 2657 | Tags:

Kenyans have been introduced to their very first casino mobile application on Android phones. Rambo Resource Ltd together with the Licensing Board in Kenya announced the launch of GameMania. The app allows mobile users to enjoy online slots machines on the go for free or with no deposit bonuses.

The app is a virtual casino with FruitSlots Machine,Big Wheel Spins and Baccarat it is integrated with m-Pesa and allows users to top up or withdrawal money through their m-Pesa account. GameMania is the first casino app that allows gamblers to bet in Kenyan shillings. 50 shillings enables new players to explore the casino without a deposit.

“GameMania is the only online casino game for Kenyan shillings” said Peter Gitau Njau, the COO of GameMania,“and that makes it unique among other virtual coins or foreign currency cash casino apps”.According to Peter,GameMania is licensed legally when it comes to casino trustworthy.“Players can totally trust us”,said Peter,“We give away every new player 50 shillings as deposited fund which can be cashed out before they invest their own money.”“Though 50 doesn’t sound like a big deal,players can place as less as 1 shilling per bet” Peter added,“and that also makes it trustworthy”.

The app can be downloaded for free only on the Google Play store and it is also available on Android OS, owners of iOS devices and desktop computers are also able to play GameMania with mobile browsers.