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Exploring opportunities in automotive manufacturing in Ghana

Exploring opportunities in automotive manufacturing in Ghana

Japan Motors Trading Company Limited (JMTC), a major player in the automotive industry in Ghana is keen to explore opportunities in automotive component manufacturing.

The leadership of the company represented by Salem Kalmoni, Nouhad Kalmoni and Mohammed Byrouthy met Dave Coffey (CEO of AAAM) and Issaka L. Tetteh (Project Manager of VDA/AAAM Partner Africa Project) to discuss components that could potentially be manufactured in Ghana.

 It is exciting that local companies in Ghana are showing interest in automotive component manufacturing which is vital if the automotive industry in the country wants to transition from SKD to CKD production.

 Dave Coffey reiterated the readiness of AAAM to support JMTC to find capable partners to explore component manufacturing opportunities in Ghana. AAAM and its partners are already conducting various studies in West Africa to gain more understanding about automotive component manufacturing opportunities in the sub-region. 

As and when these studies are completed, AAAM will use the findings to work with organisations that are interested in exploring opportunities in the automotive value chain in West Africa.



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