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Ethiopian leather goods company Ker Ezhi launches in the US

Ethiopian leather goods company Ker Ezhi launches in the US

Ker Ezhi, an ethical, luxury Ethiopian leather goods company, is now available in the US market.

The term Ker Ezhi is a localized expression that encourages the values of commonality, prosperity, and peaceful coexistence. Ethiopia is home to the largest livestock population in Africa and is the birthplace of the second-largest community of African immigrants in the United States

Fekerte (Fifi) Abraham, CEO of Ker Ezhi USA, counts herself among the latter and has launched Ker Ezhi USA as a bridge between her passions and her heritage. "Leather goods made from genuine Ethiopian highland sheep, goat, cow, and exotic options like crocodile and camel are preferred by many countries globally for their quality and durability," says Abraham. "Supporting the artisans who handcraft these products and ensuring ethical and environmentally-friendly practices through the whole supply chain has been an important part of this journey."

Ker Ezhi taps into Indigenous and innovative trends, resulting in a beautiful line of luxury handbags, crossbody styles, business and travel gear, and accessories. Starting at $249, the quality is unmatched, and the brand is making sought-after Ethiopian leather accessible to US-based consumers. In addition to leather goods, Ker Ezhi USA will introduce Ethiopian gemstones and jewelry in the coming months. All products are manufactured and supplied by Ker Ezhi Ethiopia with the US collections personally curated by Ms. Abraham.

"As an experienced entrepreneur, I've had a long-held dream to work in fashion, specifically bags and accessories," adds Abraham. "I look forward to expanding access to and education around the exceptional products of my birthplace of Ethiopia within my beautiful chosen home of the United States."

Ker Ezhi USA is based in Virginia where Ms. Abraham has resided and raised her family for several decades.



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