ERTU and Prodea Systems Announce Collaboration in Egypt
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ERTU Chooses Prodea Systems to Provide Next Generation Connected Home and on Demand Entertainment Solutions to Millions of Egyptian Households

ERTU, Egypt's national broadcaster and the Middle East's largest television and radio producer and broadcaster with an audience of over 60 million viewers, today announced an alliance with Prodea Systems to address the growing demand for digital content and applications throughout Egypt.

Prodea Systems' intelligent digital home hub is a pioneering technology that has been validated by service providers and consumers worldwide and is the first solution of its kind to be launched in the Middle East and North Africa.

Prodea Systems provides consumers of all ages and technical abilities a simple, user-friendly solution to enjoy a host of multimedia functions
ranging from video-on-demand, Internet radio and digital music, to video conferencing and popular social networking applications (including Twitter
and Facebook), interactive advertising, gaming, e-learning, e-health, and home security services. Utilizing any broadband connection, applications are
presented with a user friendly icon display that can be accessed from any device such as a TV, PC, Mobile, iPad, or iPhone. By integrating the solution
with an online app store, consumers can continually grow their suite of applications and enhance their digital home experience.

"We recognize Prodea Systems' platform as one of the most advanced solutions. Prodea has a pioneering technology that will provide not only
premium on demand entertainment, but also a host of advanced services that will be launched in Egypt for the first time," stated Eng. Osama El Sheikh, President of ERTU. "Our aim is to bring the best of what the internet has to offer to every Egyptian household. Our decision to use Prodea's open platform will keep Egypt at the forefront of the new Internet era."

"We are honored that ERTU has selected us to be a partner in the digital transformation of the country's broadcasting and content distribution
efforts," said Hamid Ansari, president and co-founder of Prodea Systems. "Egypt is one of the region's leading internet markets in terms of user
growth, services offered and price competitiveness. This makes Egypt a central part of our mission to aggressively seed the market with our
intelligent home hub, in order to deliver a unified digital home solution throughout the region and enrich people's lives."

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