Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company delivers nine containers of medical materials to six African countries
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Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company in partnership with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and Medshare have recently donated medical materials worth US$1,800,000 to six of the thirteen countries were Equatorial Coca-Cola operates. The company has delivered two containers in Sierra Leone, two in Liberia, one in Cape Verde, two in Guinea Conakry, one in Ghana and one in Gambia.

These donations are part of the ShareHope program, a project led by The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and Medshare that has operated with the collaboration of Equatorial Coca-Cola for many years, benefiting many countries on the African continent.

Thanks to the ShareHope program, the personnel of the recipient hospitals carefully select the supplies and equipment from Medshare’s database to meet their hospital’s most urgent needs, improving local healthcare infrastructure. These donations are also augmented by biomed training support provided by Medshare and The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation.

The two containers for Sierra Leone were received by the Equatorial Coca-Cola Country Manager, Mr. Israel Okujagu who subsequently donated to the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital and Connaught Hospital through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Freetown to help boost the health delivery capabilities in the country. At the event, these containers were officially handed over to the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation by his Worship the Mayor of Freetown Franklyn Bababode Gibson who thanked Sierra Leone Bottling Company and stressed that health is a vital ingredient for a nation to become prosperous.

In Guinea Conakry, the medical supplies were received by the Equatorial Coca-Cola Country Manager, Mr. JeanNtambwe, together with the PROSMI Foundation and its president, the First Lady of Guinea Conakry, Mrs. Hadja Djenè Condé. At the event, the First Lady emphasized the value of the projects carried out by The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and its partners. "In Guinea, Coca-Cola is the first commercial venture with my foundation. At every social action, the company is there to support us" she explained. The direct recipients of these donations in Guinea Conakry were the Baro Hospital and the Medical Centre Enta.

In Liberia, the containers will be delivered on the 30th of May at an event that will be attended by the Ministry of Health, Representatives of Hospitals and the Equatorial Coca-Cola Country Manager Mr. Seth Adu-Baah. The medical supplies will be donated to Grand Bassa Government Hospital, JJ Dossen Hospital, CB Dunbar Hospital, Lutheran Curran Hospital and Fish Town Hospital.

In Cape Verde, the containers will be delivered in the next few weeks to Hospital Agostinho Neto, the central hospital in Praia. In addition, both Ghanaian and Gambian hospitals will soon receive their medical supplies and consumables.

Since its first day in the African continent, Equatorial Coca-Cola has been actively involved in the development of the communities in which the company operates. That is why Equatorial Coca-Cola participates alongside The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation in diverse projects with focus on improving education, the access to drinking water, entrepreneurial spirit, sustainability and health. The ShareHope project is just one example of the companies’ commitment.

In words of Juan de Rueda, Equatorial Coca-Cola Corporate Affairs Director, “our company has always been actively involved in the development of the families and communities of the countries where we work and this commitment is demonstrated by our partnership with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation. Working together with them and Medshare in projects like ShareHope allow us to improve the life of many people, through better health, access to drinking water, education or sustainability”.