Efacec wins contract to build and operate solar photovoltaic plant in Mozambique
07-02-2020 16:21:29 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 4556 | Tags:

Efacec was selected for the engineering, purchase and construction (EPC) contract for operation and maintenance (O&M), of a 41 MWp solar plant, located in Metoro, northern Mozambique.

Inserted in an area of about 138 hectares, this infrastructure has a production capacity of 68 GWh per year. The solar plant is expected to start energy production in late 2020.

It will be the largest installed solar power plant in Mozambique to date and an emblematic project for Efacec, which has been operating in Mozambique for over 20 years, thus strengthening its presence in the market and in the region. The project was developed by Neoen, jointly with EDM, through the company “Central Solar Metoro”.

The contract includes the supply of the complete EPC, including the high voltage interconnection to the EDM substation and guarantees associated with the operation of the solar power plant, as well as a long-term contract for the operation and maintenance of the plant.

This plant contributes to the achievement of the objectives of Mozambique in the diversification of energy sources and in the decentralization of its generation, with the objective of giving access to energy to 100% of the Mozambican population by 2030. The generated energy will be sold through an Energy Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracted with EDM.

Efacec develops solutions for solar systems, including self-consumption, hybrid systems and large-scale photovoltaic installations, on a turnkey basis. Efacec positions itself as a major player in the energy sector, with around 300 MW installed worldwide and 133 MW in O&M.