EAWC Technologies signs agreement to lease its water production solution in South Africa
16-04-2019 08:41:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 1825 | Tags:

Engineering services company EAWC Technologies has signed an agreement to lease its Atmospheric Water Generation technological solutions through lease programs in South Africa.

EAWC Technologies announced in March the launching of The Blue Aqua Mission™ System; a state-of-the-art German engineered Atmosphere Water Generation (AWG) technology that is completely powered by renewable energy.

The system is composed of a suite of intelligent software solutions for real-time optimization of process performance, and operates through its own innovative self-powered system.  

The agreement to lease The Blue Aqua Mission™ System is with the private South African Company His Will Innovations, and will be the first of several systems planned in the region. 

Mr. Willie Mangena, CEO of His Will Innovations, stated, "This system will be a game changer; it will enable us to hold shows and invite government stakeholders to experience the system’s ability to produce water for any area specially those where distance and infrastructure are the main challenges for water supply."

Mr. Ralph Hofmeier, CEO of EAWC Technologies, added, "This is the beginning of the company’s journey to become a leader for the commercialization of energy self sufficient water solutions as well as the path to ensure an increasing operating lease revenue for the Corporation."