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Dutch development bank FMO partners with VC4A to launch a Ventures Lifecycle Support project across Africa

Dutch development bank FMO partners with VC4A to launch a Ventures Lifecycle Support project across Africa

FMO has partnered with VC4A to work with local partners across Africa to create a more efficient network of support for early-stage ventures.

VC4A will work with incubators, accelerators, and other entrepreneur support organizations, along with investors, mentors, corporates, and more to further develop and streamline the pipeline of startup opportunities in Ghana, Morocco and Tanzania. Ultimately, this will help increase investment flows into startups from these countries and strengthen nascent venture capital ecosystems.

While significant resources are available to entrepreneurs and startups, there remain key gaps in the support being offered. Specifically, VC4A works with local partners to strengthen support for ventures by developing critical linkages with industry experts, mentors, regional and international platforms to engage investors and secure more follow-on capital for ventures to successfully scale.

VC4A has an extensive partner network of ecosystem-building entities across the globe, with 1,800 partner organizations active in the African startup ecosystem, and 450 active mentors on the VC4A mentorship marketplace and a network with more than 2,000 Africa focused early-stage investors. The organization focuses on linking entrepreneurs to opportunities for development and growth, especially for those that do not have equal access and/or would stand to benefit from better access to resources, networks, knowledge and capital.

FMO will help VC4A extend its integrated approach to providing entrepreneurial support services to more geographies, including Ghana, Morocco, and Tanzania. The project objectives are to enable:

More youth and entrepreneurs to access business networks and acquire necessary skills and information to start, run and grow theirbusinesses;

Local entrepreneur support organizations to strengthen their programs and offerings to support local innovation and the development of an early-stage investment pipeline; and,

Private sector linkages to better access, support, and finance innovative high growth high impact businesses.





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