CSV Bourbon Oceanteam 101 completes Angola assignment
07-05-2020 16:16:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 9521 | Tags:

Oceanteam announced the completion of Bourbon Oceanteam 101 (CSV BO101) charter agreement in Angola. The vessel is now preparing for a maintenance programme to gear up for its next contract, currently under negotiations.

The company announced that the vessel worked without interruption for its offshore clients in Angola since her delivery and is currently heading to Europe for execution of the maintenance programme taking into account the COVID 19 constraints.

Oceanteam provides high quality support to offshore contractors all over the world through its fleet of large and advanced offshore vessels (Oceanteam Shipping), and its expertise in (rental) marine equipment, cable logistics and design engineering (Oceanteam Solutions).

Oceanteam focuses on economically and technically challenging projects for clients in the oil and gas and renewables industries. The company is among the few companies in the world to combine high-end engineering know-how, Lloyd's certified shipping and expertise, Lloyd's ISO certified solutions and special purpose equipment in a single ‘one-stop shop’ service, if required.

CSV BO101 is jointly owned by Bourbon and Oceanteam.