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Cameroon targets 1,615 kilometers of new roads by year end

Cameroon targets 1,615 kilometers of new roads by year end

In the financial year 2017-2018, the Cameroon government has pledged to surface a total of 1,615 km of new roads, the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, announced.

To reach this objective, approximately 1,000 km of roads will be asphalted this year, the Prime Minister, Philémon Yang, revealed while presenting the economic, political and cultural programme of the government for 2017 to the parliamentarians. This was in November 2016 in Yaoundé.

In this regard, a global envelope of $744 million will be injected this year in the road construction, renovation and maintenance works in the country.

Some works to be undertaken as part of the emergency plan launched by the government will necessitate $161 million, $19 million will be transferred to local governments, while the contribution from the budget of the Ministry of Public Works will be $503 million.

In other words, in 2017 and 2018, the Cameroonian government will largely exceed its commitment to asphalt an average of 300 km of roads per year. This commitment comes with the ambition the public authorities have of reaching the target of 8,500 km of surfaced roads in Cameroon by 2020 (against slightly over 6,000 km currently). Which will in reality correspond to only 17% of the national road network.


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