Astria Learning and the African Council for Distance Education collaborate to improve distance learning in Africa
20-09-2017 08:32:56 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 1585 | Tags:

Astria Learning, involved in developing technology that makes education accessible to everyone, is sponsoring the 2017 African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) board meeting in Lusaka, Zambia.

The board meeting, signals an exciting time in which representatives from Astria Learning and ACDE board members strategize, develop and improve the delivery of E-learning in Africa.

ACDE is an organization comprising African universities and other institutions that are focused on providing world-class educational options across Africa through the use of distance and open learning.

A partnership between ACDE and Astria Learning provides a nimble solution for the seamless delivery of ACDE's educational objectives. Astria Learning is thrilled to demonstrate their skill and expertise in laying the technical groundwork necessary for ACDE member institutions to improve offering and management of their ODL programs.

Astria Learning developed several distinct management systems that work seamlessly together to deliver an effective experience for both ACDE personnel and the students it serves.

For example, Astria Learning's innovative campus management System (ACMS) provides an intuitive method of managing students throughout their educational journey. Their Payment Collection System accepts bank transfers, as well as debit and credit cards, to make it easier to reach students of all backgrounds.

Astria Learning’s vibrant and expansive E-library provides thousands of robust and timely educational resources that students can easily access any time for research purposes or further reading.

The Learning Management System facilitates online distance learning (ODL) and engages students in new and robust ways that set them up for success in the ever-changing global business environment.

Astria Learning also simplifies the process of purchasing educational devices such as tablets and laptops that are vital to the success of the students enrolled at ACDE member institutions.

Astria Learning is poised to help ACDE member institutions deliver cutting-edge educational opportunities to Africa that capture the talent, drive and ambition of its students and facilitate an environment that can change lives; and its flexible and secure solutions provide a scalable setting that is both nimble and robust to meet the demands of a premier educational organization.