[Angola] Webcor Group acquires Lactiango for $30 million
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Lactiangol, Angola's main dairy unit, has been acquired by the Webcor group, in a deal valued at $30 million.

Founded in 1978 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Webcor has been selling its products in Angola for 27 years and thus reinforces its presence in the industrial sector with the purchase of Lactiangol.

"Angola is experiencing a turning point in the economy, diversifying from trade and distribution to local industrialization and together with our local partners we will be one of the main players in this change," said Wissam Nesr, CEO of the Webcor Group.

The new business plan established for 2019 is to develop Lactiangol's production by multiplying its production capacity in all possible dairy product categories such as UHT, chocolate milk, natural and flavored solid yogurt, liquid yogurt, pasteurized butter, juices, ice cream, condensed milk, cheeses as well as dairy desserts.

The strategy of the Webcor Group is to increase the production and quality of Lactiangol products to a new level, further promoting the brand, this recognized brand, making it a market leader in its segment, while optimizing the value chain through of the local milk production incentive that now corresponds to only 7% of the factory's needs.

Created in March 1994, Lactiangol has become, in its 25 years of existence, in the main dairy industry in Angola, being the leading company in the national market in its area of activity.

With constantly evolving model facilities and a specialized technical staff, Lactiangol has a vast experience and know-how, with a wide range of products manufactured by it and distributed in various regions of the country.

In 2018, only 20 thousand of the 200 thousand liters of natural milk purchased weekly by the company was acquired in national territory due to the low supply of this raw material in the domestic market.

The plant produces 300,000 liters of milk per week, but has an installed capacity of half a million liters per week.

The installed capacity was the result of an investment made in 2017 by the company, valued at $30 million.