[Algeria] Bakhouche Alleche appointed interim Director General of Air Algerie
20-02-2017 07:13:32 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 13474 | Tags:

Bakhouche Alleche has been appointed as interim Director General of national airline Air Algerie, in replacement of Mohamed Abdou Bouderbala who will take up other duties.

Alleche has been installed following an extraordinary session of the General Assembly of Algerie chaired by Minister of Public Works and Transport Boudjemaa Talai. Finance Minister Hadji Babaammi and a representative of the Industry and Mines Ministry attended the meeting.

The General Assembly summoned the board of directors to elect its president and appoint Bakhouche Alleche as an interim Director General of the national airline.  

Speaking on this occasion, Talai thanked Bouderbala "for the efforts he made since his took office as CEO of Air Algerie."

Bakhouche Alleche has held several positions within Air Algerie for more than 40 years, APS learnt from an official at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.  

The newly appointed Director General joined Air Algerie in 1975 as a pilot and then became pilot-in-command. He also served as pilot instructor, deputy director for training, air operations director, director of exploitation division and deputy CEO of Air Algerie.