African Association of Automotive Manufacturers to explore Cameroon's opportunities in the automotive industry
19-09-2022 10:54:26 | by: Marlene Mutimawase | hits: 7460 | Tags:

German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the AAAM - African Association of Automotive Manufacturers visited automotive stakeholders in Cameroon to explore more opportunities and partnerships.

The delegation met with Parfait EPPOHMomballa Judith, Christian Mpome and Pelagie Mbei Mbock from the Ministry of Trade. We also had engagements with Roger Thierry Biheng and Petisok Frederic from Blue Energy Holdings and Management Corp.Philippe HUART, Cameroon Motor Industries (CAMI), Prof. Dr. Mbang SamaDTGA - Digital Transformation Global Alliance were we explored Cameroon's opportunities in the automotive industry and the regional value chain.

AAAM focusses on the expansion and deepening of the automotive industry across Africa by working with governments to shape policies and provide support that will attract investors, unlock the economic potential of the continent and align a global network of stakeholders committed to the development of the automotive industry in Africa.

Growth in key regions with an alignment and understanding of what different countries could do best within the Automotive industry. Initial target markets for assembly: Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Ethiopia, and South Africa; supported by the development of regional value chains for the manufacture and supply of components.