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ABR Côte d'Ivoire Country Director makes a case for women empowerment

ABR Côte d'Ivoire Country Director makes a case for women empowerment

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At the recent Africa CEO Forum, Massogbè Touré, the Country Director at ABR Côte d'Ivoire  participated as a panelist. She used the platform to discuss the pan-African structure of ABR, celebrating those who have believed in the capacity of women of values.

“It is an honor to have with us a knowledgeable man who has seen that gender equality, in addition to being a fundamental human right, is essential to the establishment of pan-African societies, endowed with a full potential. It is urgent to get out of the complaint and take action,” she said.

Madame Touré further noted that dwelling on bullying, the non-respect of parity, the exclusion or the low representation of women in decision-making spheres is harmful to the enhancement of self-esteem and the stimulation of women’s intrinsic capacities.

Madame Touré lauded President Alassane Ouattara for his commitment to the African Continental Free Trade Area, AfCFTA, and tackling logistical challenges that stood in the way, the iconic train project and his vision and counsel that have been of benefit to ABR members.

The African Business Roundtable (ABR), is a group of visionary business leaders who saw very early the need for Africa to position itself well in the global market to attract investments to the continent. It has been in existence for three decades. Founded with the primary objective of boosting the African private sector, the ABR has successfully positioned itself at the forefront of the global movement for the development of Africa and her people.

Recognizing the many steps that are needed, ABR has built a multi-step process and set it in progress. First off, the organization plans on re-establishing itself on a grassroots basis by building and strengthening its presence, relevance and visibility per country. The intention is to achieve this by creating Country Offices that would act as annexe and direct point of contact with businesspersons of each particular country and its respective private sector.

The Africa CEO Forum is the foremost international meeting for African CEOs, bankers and investors

The gathering brings together the most influential figureheads in African and global finance and the CEOs of the continent’s biggest companies. It allows participants to exchange their views and opinions on the issues affecting the economic development of African companies, in a high-quality setting that is ideal for conducting business meetings.

Each year, the Africa CEO Forum is attended by banking, private equity and financial market specialists, together with representatives of global financial institutions: more than 1000 attendees in total, including over 750 CEOs from all four corners of the continent, 100 bankers and financiers, and 200 prominent African and international figures.


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ABR Cote d'Ivoire Country Director makes a case for women empowerment

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About the African Business Roundtable 

The African Development Bank Group set up the African Business Roundtable in 1990. Today the ABR is Africa’s foremost and continent-wide association of businesses and business leaders, and is the representative of the African Business Society to the United Nations. An independent, non-partisan, non-profit private sector funded organization, The African Business Roundtable is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and is the only organization representing the African Private Sector within ECOSOG.


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