Power-to-X - un potentiel aussi en Algérie

07-28-2022 | 09:03:00
Un atelier a été organisé à Alger avec les ministères algériens, l'Institut Fraunhofer et la KfW Entwicklungsbank pour explorer les possibilités de production d'hydrogène vert.

Santander CIB et SAP s'associent pour accélérer la numérisation des services de Global Transaction Banking

07-28-2022 | 08:35:00
Cet accord permettra de rationaliser la manière dont Santander CIB approche ses clients, en tirant parti des capacités et de l'expertise uniques que SAP peut offrir et en co-innovant dans des solutions à valeur ajoutée présentant de multiples avantages pour eux.

[Kenya] Technology Sector Partners Launch Digital Talent Program

07-28-2022 | 08:35:00
Technology sector players have launched a Digital Talent Program that is aimed at developing digital skills in the market by taking a sustainable approach to create a healthy digital talent pipeline.

Santander CIB & SAP join forces to accelerate digitalization of Global Transaction Banking services

07-28-2022 | 08:27:07
The agreement will streamline how Santander CIB approaches its clients, by leveraging the unique capabilities and expertise SAP can offer and co-innovate in value-added solutions with multiple benefits for them.

[Kenya] Video campaign aims to curb online abuse and harassment of female politicians

07-28-2022 | 08:25:00
The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KeWoPa) has launched a video campaign calling on the public to avoid and curb online abuse and harassment as well as physical violence against female politicians.

[Kenya] Africa Tech Challenge returns after after a two-year break

07-28-2022 | 08:13:00
Chinese construction company AVIC International has announced the return of the Africa Tech Challenge after a two-year hiatus prompted by the covid-19 pandemic.

Seedstars announces $30 million fund to invest in startups in emerging markets

07-28-2022 | 07:58:00
Seedstars has announced plans to invest in 100 more startups through its second emerging market seed-stage fund, called Seedstars International Ventures II (SIV).

FSD Africa partners with Rabo Foundation to fund sustainable farming for African small-scale farmers

07-27-2022 | 12:57:00
FSD Africa and Rabobank ACORN / Rabo Foundation have launched a collaboration to help African small-scale farmers transition to Agroforestry, a sustainable and climate resilient farming practice.

Oikocredit invests €2.7m in Africa Negoce Industries to support Benin cashew value chain

07-27-2022 | 11:40:00
Social impact investor and worldwide cooperative Oikocredit has provided a credit line of € 2.7 million to Africa Negoce Industries (ANI), a cashew trading and processing company in Benin.

DispatchTrack expands global footprint with new operations in South Africa

07-27-2022 | 11:27:25
DispatchTrack, the solution provider of right-time delivery management software, is expanding its global footprint with new operations in South Africa.

COMESA, AfDB launch first phase of Africa Cloud Ecosystem Project

07-27-2022 | 10:31:22
The regional cloud ecosystem project will contribute to innovation and the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises on the continent, by making consumers become better accustomed to online national and cross-border transactions.

3i Infotech and CoreStack partner to accelerate digital transformation in multi-cloud environments

07-27-2022 | 10:28:22
3i Infotech, a global Information Technology company, has announced a strategic partnership with CoreStack, a global multi-cloud governance provider that empowers enterprises to unleash the power of the cloud.

Kasi Insight and Creative VMLY&R ink deal to deliver data-driven marketing for brands in Africa

07-27-2022 | 10:25:54
To help businesses and brands accelerate their growth and win across the continent, Kasi Insight, Africa’s decision’s intelligence company and Creative VMLY&R Kenya, a marketing agency, have announced a new partnership to help brands win over consumers with smart and data driven marketing.

MIGA issues guarantees of $24m to support construction of a solar photovoltaic plant in Malawi

07-27-2022 | 09:48:00
MIGA has issued guarantees of $24 million to JCM Golomoti UK for equity and shareholder loan investments into Golomoti JCM Solar Corporation for the development, construction, and operation of a new solar photovoltaic plant in Malawi.

IFC partners with Jubaili Agrotec to enhance food security in sub-Saharan Africa

07-27-2022 | 09:38:00
IFC and Jubaili Agrotec announced a partnership that will support the company to expand its regional footprint and increase thousands of smallholder farmers' access to key inputs such as fertilizer used to protect crops and increase food production.

Renewable energy company EPRO Advance Technology announces breakthrough in hydrogen energy generation, storage and transportation

07-26-2022 | 11:45:52
Renewable energy company EPRO Advance Technology (EAT) has announced a crucial breakthrough process in green hydrogen energy that generates large amounts of ultra-pure hydrogen on demand, while also solving the long-standing challenges of the mass storage, transportation and safe handling of hydrogen.

[Ghana] E-commerce company QNET establishes first African training centre in Accra

07-26-2022 | 11:18:53
QNET has successfully built a community of thriving micro-entrepreneurs worldwide to become a force of good, especially in emerging economies.

Liquid Cloud announces access to Oracle Cloud via FastConnect

07-26-2022 | 11:04:12
The collaboration with Oracle will allow Liquid Cloud customers to access Oracle Cloud through FastConnect using Liquid’s extensive fibre network.

Fintech startup Bizao raises €8m Series A funding to accelerate its footprint across Africa

07-26-2022 | 09:40:00
Bizao, a fintech that facilitates payments for both local and international businesses operating in Africa, announced a €8 million Series A funding to accelerate its geographical footprint across the continent.

Nigerian fintech infrastructure startup Bloc acquires payments company Orchestrate

07-26-2022 | 09:23:00
Bloc, the Nigerian fintech infrastructure provider, has announced the acquisition of Orchestrate (previously Getwallets), a proprietary payments orchestration startup that gives businesses instant access to multiple payment providers with one integration.