Wanted: African Startups for Interviews
05-02-2020 08:38:00 | by: Bas Vlugt | hits: 18690 | Tags:

Africa Business Communities is conducting a series of interviews with startup businesses in Africa.

Are you a startup in Africa and interested in an interview? Great! Send an e-mail to bas@africabusinesscommunities.com

These are some of the Startup Interviews that we have published in the past few months:


[Startup Interview] George Kissinger Adem, CEO, House of Kissinger, Kenya

[Startup Interview] Lwazi Nongauza, Executive Director, BTN Mobile, South Africa

[Startup Interview] Elizabeth Eweka, CEO, IDHS, Nigeria

[Startup Interview] Joe Maina, CEO, Matrixoft Data Solutions, Kenya

[Startup Interview] Fahim Saleh, Founder, Gokada, Nigeria

[Startup Interview] Allan Niongira, Founder, PortableVoices, Kenya


Startups are most welcome at the Nairobi Networking Event | 13 February 2020

Read all about this event here