Africa Health

EIB provides €1 million for technical assistance to primary healthcare system

09-18-2023 | 12:30:00
The technical assistance will support the EIB’s plan to make at least €500 million available for health systems in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Sunda Group to expand manufacturing of affordable home care and personal care goods in Africa

09-13-2023 | 16:10:17
IFC and Sunda Group partner to expand manufacturing of affordable home care and personal care goods in Africa

UK government commits £15 million funding to strengthen health workforce in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana

09-04-2023 | 15:02:00
The UK will provide a multi-million pound boost to support healthcare staff recruitment and retention in 3 African countries - Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana - supporting resilience against global health challenges.

Unilever South Africa-Marga to acquire Dermalogica

08-31-2023 | 12:42:33
Unilever-controlled Marga is set to make a major corporate changeover after the Competition Commission of South Africa gives them the green light to acquire popular skincare company Dermalogica.

[Kenya] Medtech conference calls for investment in local solutions to bolster medical devices sector

08-31-2023 | 09:45:00
Kenya is the fourth largest medical technology devices exporter in Africa at 3.1 percent of exports from Africa to the rest of the world ahead of Tunisia and Mauritius according to a keynote speech at the just concluded inaugural Transforming African Medtech Conference.

US biotech firm Functional Fluidics announces global expansion into Africa

08-17-2023 | 14:34:00
For nearly a decade, Functional Fluidics has been offering a suite of clinically validated assays to pharmaceutical companies and clinical providers across the United States to help support sickle cell disease new drug development and overall patient care.

Siemens Healthineers joins IFC facility to boost access to affordable medical equipment in Africa

08-16-2023 | 14:15:19
Medical technology company Siemens Healthineers has joined IFC's Africa Medical Equipment Facility (AMEF) to make medical imaging and cancer care equipment more affordable on the continent.

Swedfund invests USD 5 million in African health fund

07-31-2023 | 15:26:00
Swedfund invested USD 5 million into Transform Health Fund (THF) managed by AfricInvest. It is a blended-finance fund that will invest in African health care.

Vantage Capital invests €30 million to acquire minority stake in Moroccan medical distribution firm Promamec

07-28-2023 | 13:14:10
The funds invested by Vantage Capital facilitated the exit of the private equity fund AfricInvest and will also serve to part-fund Promamec’s next phase of development.

Piex Group renforce sa présence dans les pays d’Afrique sub-saharienne

07-13-2023 | 13:57:00
Piex Group renforce sa présence dans les pays d’Afrique sub-saharienne anglophone grâce à une alliance stratégique avec Phillips Pharma Group, un Distributeur majeur dans la région.

[Ghana] Healthtech startup Berry Health raises $1.6m to combat health stigmas in Africa

07-04-2023 | 12:32:00
Ghanaian health tech startup Berry Health has raised $1.6 million in a pre-seed funding round, a round which saw participation from large-scale U.S. fund Lightspeed Ventures and General Catalyst.

Transform Health Fund raises $50m to scale proven innovative healthcare models in Africa

06-22-2023 | 10:51:00
FSD Africa Investments, AfricInvest, Malaria No More, and Health Finance Coalition (HFC) have announced the establishment of the Transform Health Fund (THF), a blended-finance fund for scaling proven and innovative healthcare models in Africa.

Seedstars and Fondation Botnar launch youth Wellbeing Ventures with $20M Investment in Africa

06-21-2023 | 15:15:33
Seedstars Capital and Fondation Botnar have announced the launch of the Seedstars Youth Wellbeing Ventures mandate.

[Kenya] KCB, NBK and Britam General Insurance target SMEs in health insurance distribution deal

06-14-2023 | 14:28:35
KCB and National Bank of Kenya (NBK) have entered into an agreement with Britam General Insurance to distribute affordable health insurance products targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the country.

International partnership combines Artificial Intelligence with real-world experience to boost the Nigerian health system

06-14-2023 | 14:17:22
Nigeria’s overburdened health system is getting a major boost from powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology through a new international health partnership.

[Interview] Dr. Allan Pamba, Executive Vice President, Africa, Roche Diagnostics

03-29-2023 | 09:28:00
Roche is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives.

[Column] Bonisiwe Tshabalala: Five technology priorities for enhancing the African healthcare sector

01-18-2023 | 08:10:29
What actions can African countries, healthcare providers and healthcare organisations take to improve the provision of health services to the continent’s 1.4 billion citizens?

[Startup Interview] James Adebisi, Founder, Oruis Medical, Nigeria

12-23-2022 | 12:23:35
Orius Medical is a Nigerian health startup that provides mental care and support through psychotherapy and mental health education.

[column] Dr. Kevin Muragaijimana MD: A need for Artificial Intelligence-based company in Africa Health sector

12-07-2022 | 14:12:00
Access to quality healthcare in low-income countries is impacted by many various factors. For example: In sub-Saharan Africa, the average number of physicians per 1000 per capita is 0.2 compared to Italy which has 8.0 doctors for a 1000 population this urge African countries to invest in Health Technology industry.

[Interview] Dr. Kevin Muragaijimana MD, Founder & CEO of DoctorAI

11-28-2022 | 13:53:00
DoctorAI is a HealthTech and Artificial Intelligence-based company, officially registered in November 2021, founded by two Rwandans medical doctors ,Dr. Kevin MURAGIJIMANA & Dr. David NDAYISHIMIYE.

[Column] Renan Ozyerli: Equitable access to healthcare should be a bigger priority as the world emerges from COVID-19

11-17-2022 | 09:44:00
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the world is at “the beginning of the end” of the COVID-19 pandemic with the numbers of deaths and cases slowing considerably.

[Column] Cameron Beveridge: How tech is enhancing life-saving blood transfusion value chain

11-04-2022 | 11:31:26
New technologies are reshaping the blood transfusion value chain to bring greater efficiency, traceability and consistency to this life-saving procedure.

How Rwanda is using Artificial Intelligence to improve healthcare

10-07-2022 | 09:38:59
Drug stock-outs and shortage of medical equipment in health facilities in Rwanda are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to an innovation that is addressing procurement constraints.

[Column] Eyong Ebai: Now is the time to transform healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa

08-03-2022 | 11:29:00
That momentum is limiting the headwinds of the Covid pandemic and government financial restraints, global inflation, logistics logjams, and complementing the tailwinds found in the tremendous financial commitments from development agencies.

[Column] Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia: You transform economies with ideas, systems and institutions

07-20-2022 | 10:44:00
The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has reiterated his conviction in the indispensable role technology plays in the transformation of economies in the 21st Century.

[Forum] How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected business operations in Nigeria?

06-06-2022 | 11:30:00
Africa Business Communities has spoken with several founders, CEOs and startups in diverse industries in Nigeria about how the global pandemic has affected their business operations. For some, it was a game changer, for others it had little to no effect.

[Column] Kgomotso Ramoenyane: The pros and cons of implementing a mandatory vaccination policy for SMEs

05-03-2022 | 12:10:09
Several smaller companies followed suit, marking the beginning of a “trial-and-error” period that has highlighted both pros and cons for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and businesses across the board.

[Column] Cheikh Oumar Seydi: Africa’s health security requires strong African regulators

02-23-2022 | 10:28:00
The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons about health security – not the least that, when health resources are scarce, African countries cannot necessarily rely on imports to protect their people.

Five benefits and challenges of health volunteerism in Africa

02-14-2022 | 11:10:00
Africa is a beautiful continent that’s diverse and rich in culture. It’s a good place to volunteer if you want to gain practical experience, do some good, and learn about different cultures.

[Column] Dr Allan Pamba: Partnering for healthcare access in Africa

02-08-2022 | 09:38:00
In healthcare leadership, particularly in the African context, there has been some confusion in terms of where we go from here. Beyond a singular focus on the pandemic, what comes next? It’s time for African voices to be heard.