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[Startup Interview] Tope Hassan, Founder, ISOKO Africa, Nigeria

Tope Hassan is known as an African Tourist, bootstrapping through African nations to discover African Brands & Entrepreneurs. She founded ISOKO Africa a year ago as a dedicated media outlet for African brands.

Tell us a bit about ISOKO Africa.

ISOKO Africa, meaning African Market like its name implies in Swahili Language, is the home to all African Brands in every sector, telling stories and providing diaspora market for their products and services to the global market. Our primary purpose is to scout Africa for remarkable companies that have trademarked itself as a brand with the quality to serve a global market, helping them compete side by side internationally and also earn foreign revenue to advance Africa’s economic activity.

ISOKO AFRICA features Stories, Podcasts and Marketplace a brand at a time. The podcast produces a weekly interview featuring an entrepreneur from Africa to talk about their brand sharing insight on their strategies for marketing, growth and vision.

Where is ISOKO Africa located?

ISOKO Africa is based in Lagos, Nigeria with teams in African countries and diaspora. Our digital presence is with our podcasts on iTunes, Soundcloud, Android Podcasts and other online radio platforms.

How is ISOKO Africa funded?

Through its founding partners who play a major role as directors in the company leveraging on our skills and a diverse network. We are also open to funding to scale up.

What are the Unique Selling Points?

ISOKO Africa is a Media and Marketing company that provides both publicity and the market required for a brand to thrive globally through our partners. It also serves not just only African brands from within Africa but also from other continents. Our goal is to make Africans earn from communities outside their base.

Who are your clients?

Our Clients are African entrepreneurs or brands created by Africans or within Africa. Our stories and podcasts are targeted to entrepreneurs, working class youths and the international community.

What are the ambitions of the company?

We hope to open our own marketplace in each continent by five years and export brands from every country in Africa. We also hope to become the foremost hub giving accreditation for African Business to do business in any continent just like Bloomberg.

What is the latest news from ISOKO Africa?

ISOKO Africa has just launched a Scribe fellowship and our new website is launching on our 1st year anniversary which is this month of August.

Who should contact ISOKO Africa, and why?

Any Brand that has verified their quality and have enough supply to meet a large demand looking to expand their market beyond local borders. We are also looking for volunteers who would love to tell business stories about Africa.




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