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[Startup Interview] Stanley Njeru, CEO, Buyer Logistics Limited, Kenya

Stanley Njeru is the CEO of Buyer Logistics Limited, a Kenyan-based startup offering freight forwading, custom clearance, warehousing and  motor vehicle importation services.

Introduce Buyers Logistics Limited

Buyers Logistics Limited is an intergrated logistics service provider offering a wide range of logistics solutions including freight forwading across the globe, custom clearance, warehousing motor vehicle importation among many others.  The company was registered in 2013 and began its operations in 2014.   Iam am the Managing Director/CEO of the company.

Why was the company formed and to what extent is it achieving its purpose?

The company was formed with an intention to offer end to end  seamless logistics solutions to our clients in order to satisfy their needs. This is achieved through  developing and implementing customized logistics solutions throughout the supply chain to the benefit of our clients namely from incoterms EXW- DDP. Overtime this purpose is continously being achieved as our client base grows.

Who are your clients and how has the market responded to your services?

We mainly deal with importers and exporters across the globe. The clients are pleased with our professional services.

What gives your company the competitive edge?

Our integrated and value-creating approach in offering our services to our clients across the globe coupled with proven end-to-end supply chain expertise and dedicated industry specialists. Also by seamlessly combining our entire suite of services from across our business fields, we develop and implement customized logistics solutions throughout the supply chain, from customs clearance, logistics consulting and planning right through to aftermarket services.

What is the biggest threat or challenge to your business?

Our biggest threat or challenge is bureacracies implemented by various custom/port  authorities which in turn increase business costs as a result of storage charges and demurage charges.

What kind of collaboration do you expect and need for Buyers Logistics Limited to succeed?

Strategic Partnerships with Importers, Freight Forwarders, Transporters and Shipping Companies across the globe with a view of us supporting each other in all  supply chain needs.

Streamlining of policies and processes by port and custom authorities to ensure seamless flow of operations.

We would also be interested in a funding collaboration to enable us take up large projects in future.

What are the targets, plans and ambitions of Buyers Logistics Limited in 2020?

Targets: To grow our clientelle base by 50% and continuously improve our clients’ experience.

Plans/Ambitions: To continously offer consultancy services to our clients as we aim to be the best service providers. Strategic partnerships with other Logistics Companies, Freight Forwarders, Transporters and Shipment Companies.

What is the latest news from Buyers Logistics Limited?

We have recently introduced sale of all types of cargo containers (both cargo worthy and non-cargo worthy) as a new product line. Additionally we are working towards joining (Approved Economic Operators) AEO club-an exclusive privedged club of custom agents whose consignments are fastracked while undergoing custom clearance.

Who should contact you and why?

Importers and Exporters- So that they may enjoy our end to end supply chain support from point of origin to the point of delivery of their shipments at the most competitive rates

Partner Freight Fowarders across the globe so that we can support their clients for shipment from or to Kenya and entire East African Region at the most competitive rates.

Funding partner: To help us increase our working capital to enable us undertake large projects.


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