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[Startup Interview] Roshaan Kulpoo, Founder, United Pay Ltd, Mauritius

As developing countries continue to tap into the unrivaled potential of financial technologies to boost financial inclusion, United Pay Ltd, a Mauritius based company is working with banks in Africa, Middle East and Asia to provide innovative digital payment solutions including digital wallets and e- commerce gateways that foster business growth and sustainability. Roshaan Kulpoo the founder talked to Africa Business Communities.

Tell us about United Pay Ltd.

United Pay helps the banking industry to facilitate their digital payment transformation as well as enables financial inclusion with its unique and innovative customer centric mobile banking and payment solution based on biometrics and facial recognition

Starting with Africa we have gradually moved to India, Middle East and Asia Pacific

We have four distinct line of activities namely software development for banks digital banking and payment transformation, innovative agency banking solution based on biometrics and facial recognition, training/advisory and consultancy unit to assist banks for their card business/operations strategy and risk framework as well as enabling them regarding their Digital banking/payment transformation, card processing in outsourcing model for debit/credit/prepaid/ATM/POS and Mpos services and all in one digital wallet payment solution supporting QR code, biometrics and enclosing value added solution such as loyalty platform

 With over 25 years of domain expertise, United Pay Ltd’s unique value proposition lies in delivering customizable payment solutions and services that facilitate sustainable business growth.

With a wide range of multi-channel solutions, which include POS, mPOS, digital wallets, mobile apps, and e-Commerce gateways, United Pay Ltd. is well positioned to deliver cost efficient and consumer friendly solutions thereby enabling businesses to focus on superior consumer experiences that go beyond mere transactions.

Using a consumer centric approach, United Pay Ltd. offers vital services to the market it serves.

Cost efficient e-commerce and Card Management Systems for Debit/Prepaid, credit, ATM, and POS/MPOS and third Party processing , in-house or secure cloud processing for QR code, eCommerce, Contactless/NFC and tokenization compatible with Visa Paywave or Mastercard Paypass, innovative mobile apps for industry sectors such as Banks, Retailers, Travel, Insurance and E-Government, virtual Cards, Prepaid Cards, Loyalty & Gift Card solutions, and training, consulting and advisory services in e-banking

Where is the company located?

We are in Mauritius and are gradually expanding our physical presence to Africa,Middle East and Asia Pacific.

When was it founded and who are the shareholders?

The company came into being in January 2017 and was founded by Mr. Roshaan Kulpoo

How is the company funded?

Funding has not been a problem as we had a solid business plan and hence we started with personal funding.

What are the company’s unique selling points?

We are a customer centric organizations focusing on financial inclusion banking and payment products with QR code payment supported with biometrics and facial recognition.

We are bringing low cost Digital Wallet Payment Platform as well as supporting Card/ATM/POS and Mpos payment gateway in outsourcing model. We are also bringing more than 25 years of expertise in the space of card and mobile blended with FREE training, advisory and consultancy services

How has the market responded to your products and services?

Thanks to the expertise and experience we have continuously demonstrated, our solutions have been well appreciated by several banks

Who are your clients?

We have so far four banks for training/Advisory/Consultancy services and five banks for Digital Wallet Payment and Card/Mpos processing services

What are the ambitions of the company?

United Pay is gradually becoming an International Player with its PCI certified Digital Wallet payment solution for QR code.

What does your company need to grow and prosper?

We are in a phase of recruitment and consolidating further our offerings to banks for low cost card and digital banking solution

What is the latest news?

We are launching soon our E-learning and E-training portal for banks to now have a very low cost access to knowledge in the space of Mobile Wallet and Card business/Operations

We have also now an on device mobile fraud prevention and detection solutions supporting facial recognition for Wallet processors and Banks.


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