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[Startup Interview] Oluwatosin Dada, CEO, Dadus Properties, Nigeria

Oluwatosin Dada is the CEO of Dadus Properties, a Nigerian real estate startup of property development and management consultants

Tell us about Dadus Properties and your role in it

Dadus Properties was founded in July, 2019 as a full service and multi-disciplinary firm of property development and management consultants with broad expertise and experience in the Real Estate & Construction Sector of the Nigerian economy.

We undertake development and management assignments by providing innovative and result-oriented services to individual and corporate clients with diverse and challenging needs.

We specialize in the entire lifecycle of real estate projects (from inception to completion) commencing with conceptualization, site acquisition, team assembling, appraisal, planning and construction management to delivery, leasing/sales and facilities management.

My role at Dadus Properties is that of the CEO, in which I lead the real estate listing, plan, review operation and business development. I am responsible for revenue generation, end-to-end marketing and sales, customer experience & satisfaction and the overall success of the company.

Why was the company formed and to what extent is it achieving its purpose?

The company was formed out of keen passion to readdress the housing deficit in Nigeria and Africa at large and to offer professional, effective and efficient service delivery beyond the ordinary, attempting to redefine property owners and potential tenants relationships.

Being a new company currently working on building customer’s trust and limited capital for the required business marketing and operations, we have been able to deliver excellent and satisfactory service to our existing client with proven records and referrals. As an organisation, we are strategizing to really run our core mission of providing affordable housing to all Nigeria.

Who are your clients and how has the market responded to your services?

Our major clients for now are property owners who require the service of a prudent property manager to manage or dispose off their real estate investment and home seekers for short term lease..

Within the past eight months of operation, the market has been fair with positive response from our existing and prospective clients through our demostration of professional competence.

What trends are shaping the real estate industry in Nigeria at the moment? Why do you think this is so?

The Nigeria real estate market is an evolving one and more investments (both foriegn and local) and developments are coming on board, technology and regulations are rapidily changing the interplay. Be that has it may, there is still huge gap between the demands and supplies of real estate commodities.

What is the biggest threat or challenge to your business?

The main challenge my organisation has at the moment is capital to fully operate, from meeting public requirements, required finance to remain competative and be relevant in the market, overhead cost, acquiring business equipments, to expanding business operations.

What kind of collaboration do you expect and need for Dadus Properties to succeed?

The kind of collaboration we look forward to is investors looking to help start-ups succeed by funding our operations and programs (especially technological wise), impact us with knowledge and skills on global best practises and techniques.

What are the targets, plans and ambitions of Dadus Properties in 2020?

Our target as an organisation basically is to be better in our service delivery, for this year is to automate our operation and processes, hoping to start a micro real estate developments by partnering with landowners along high foot traffic areas (who are unable to develop their land) in developing ensuite retail shops or studio apartments in a developing neigbhourhood.

What is the latest news from Dadus Properties?

Wee recently partnered with and enrolled in Damac Properties (UAE) agent program in which we source for individuals who are willing to buy properties in Dubai.

We have also developed an action plan to become better than last year.

Who should contact you and why?

Investors in start-ups, organisation and individuals looking for a real estate professional service provider and also looking for partnership in Nigeria.


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