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[Startup Interview] Olalekan Akinseye, CEO, HFC Clothing Ventures, Nigeria

Olalekan Akinseye runs a clothing entity in Nigeria that is tapping the evolving nature of fashion and the apparel industry to champion the war on cancer. He spoke to Africa Business Communities about the milestones and ambitions of the venture.

Tell us about your company

HFC Clothing is a social enterprise that utilizes the evolving nature of fashion and the apparel/clothing market in supporting the battle against cancer and other societal problems mainly in developing countries. Working closely with our partners, HFC clothing will hold true to its vision of helping provide necessary care for the affected individuals

Where is the company based?

The business is located at 5 Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria.

When was it founded and by who?

HFC Clothing was founded by me in 2013 in the UK but started operations in Lagos, Nigeria in 2016.

How is the company funded?

The company is funded through the sale of our various apparel products, events and grants received.

What are your company’s unique selling points?

HFC Clothing as a brand that believes that if we have to be fashionable and trendy, we should do it with a purpose. HFC Clothing looks to make the fight against cancer a daily involvement rather than something that happens a couple of hours in a day. Our branded products will carry the HFC logo which stands for ‘Help Fight Cancer’ on all products.

How has the market responded to your products?

The response to the HFC brand so far has been encouraging bearing in mind the seriousness of the problem in Nigeria. Being selected as a TEF entrepreneur and Tony Elumelu Foundation beneficiary in 2016, has opened doors of opportunity for further growth.

Who forms your clientele base?

Our clients are mainly major retailers and online stores.

What are the ambitions of the company?

First and foremost the ambition of the company is to be recognized as a major contributor to the fight against cancer in developing countries. To have at least two yearly events with specific themes per event is another ambition of the company.

The expansion of our market to other African countries (South Africa, Ghana, Kenya) is another ambition of the company.

What does your company need to grow and prosper?

We need investments and partnerships to help increase production, product development as well as scaling up the workforce. 

What is the latest news?

The company is currently planning a couple of events for 2018 and we are currently working on including a couple of international apparel companies to the events.  We are also looking for investors or partners who share our vision and mission for a better Africa.


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