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[Startup Interview] Mathias Pwol, CEO, Trillaman Studio, Nigeria

Mathias Pwol is the CEO and producer of Trillaman Studio, an entertainment and media startup based in Lagos Nigeria.

Tell us abit about Trillaman Studio Nigeria Limited and your role in it

This is an entertainment company which is set up for all kinds of music production, radio jingles, adverts, documentary, movie sound productions etc. We have a mission of using entertainment to support talents across Africa. The studio was set up based on my bad pass experience with a music producer which lead me to learning how to produce good music. We also render DJ services and talent management too.

To what extent has it achieved the reason it was formed?

From the day the company was legally registered, we believed we have achieved greatness and we won't stop until the world hears of our existence.

How big is your reach?

We have been in existence since 2011 and so far we have produced a great number of artist and companies from Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Norway, UK etc. We are known for providing quality sounds to our clients which has kept us strong in the industry.

How has the market responded to your services?

Trillaman studio is not just a music studio, and our clients can say more on our behalf. We are based in Lagos, and so far we have produced 100s of people and have had our name appear on magazines, blogs, newspaper etc.

What do you consider the biggest threat to your business?

Lack of electricity.... Because we work with light in the studio, it is so bad that we spend much on fuel in order to deliver a great work.

What kind of collaborations do you expect and need for Trillaman studio Nigeria limited to succeed?

We need partners in order to premier one of our TV show titled STREET MUSIC AFRICA. talent show that showcases hide talents from the street of Africa to the world for free. Which we have already shot the first episode in Ghana.

What are your plans in moving forward?

To keep working everyday until we get to the top.,and even when we get to the top, we keep working until we can work no more.

What is the latest news from Trillaman studio Nigeria limited?

We produced a jingle for Zenith bank general insurance company and presently we are working on a sound track for a Nigerian movie set to be in the cinema by April 2020. A movie you wont want to miss watching. Just so you know that as we speak, I am in the studio producer music for our client based in the US. With Trillaman studio, distance is never a barrier.



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