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[Startup Interview] Jacqui Mwangi, Managing Director, Buyology, Kenya

Jacqui Mwangi is the Managing Director of Buyology Co. LLC, a Kenyan based startup that is assisting companies enhance customer experience through mystery shopping concept and training

Introduce Buyology and your role in it?

Buyology helps companies develop and deliver delightful customer experiences. My role as the Managing Director is to ensure clients achieve the best results and to build a company culture towards our long–term company vision.

Where is the company located?

We are based on State House Avenue in the warm and beautiful city of Nairobi, Kenya.

 When was it founded and by who?

Buyology was founded at the end of 2014 and started operations in 2015. My Directors and I founded the company.

How is the company funded?

Directors' funding.

Who are your clients?

Product and service companies with customer facing operations.

What sets your business apart from the rest in your sector?

We are unique in the products we offer - mystery shopping and our customer experience training program. We have over 3,500 mystery shoppers who visit our clients businessess to audit service delivery and report back on their findings.

We then analyse their findings and advice our clients on areas to address to improve their customer journey, increase customer loyalty and grow sales.

Our 5 week customer experience training is one of a kind where we train professionals on customer experience best practice and provide them with the tools they need to execute.

Most students report tangible positive change in their companies before the 5 week training period is over.

How has the market responded to your services?

When we started, it was an uphill task to get companies to understand why they should invest in customer experience initiatives when it was not visibly costing them.

Today, many of them understand and use customer experience to differentiate and stay ahead of their competitors. 

Successful customer obsessed companies like Amazon and Apple have also shown what getting it right in this area can do for business success.

How has customer service evolved over the years and how is your business redefining it currently?

For one, it is no longer about customer service. Its about the overall customer experience. Customer service looks at a single area of service while customer experience takes care of the entire customer journey to ensure a customer is well taken care of and guided through the journey of finding, buying and using a product or service.

Imagine a restaurant that gives great service through their wait staff but their hygiene standards are low. How loyal would you bet on them? 

Buyology is working to help more companies understand this and put in place initiatives to connect the dots along the customer journey using best practice and as a result, companies will increase customer spend, loyalty and recommendation. 

What are Buyology plans moving forward?

Being in customer experience, we obsess over getting our clients better long-term results, faster. Our plans are to keep finding and testing new ways to do things better for our clients.

What does your company need to grow and prosper?

We are on a good trajectory with the support of our loyal clients. We are making a difference and the work we have put in to get to this point is bearing fruit. What we need is more people to know the importance of customer experience and how Buyology can help them.

That is why I regularly share free content to my online following to spread the word on they can do in their companies to improve service delivery and how doing this can benefit them.


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