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[Startup Interview] Hope Okoronkwo, Founder, L’insoumis Ghana Ltd

Africa Business Communities interviews Hope Okoronkwo , the founder and CEO of L'insoumis Ghana Ltd. The startup has cut a niche in the humanwear business targeting executives who do not want to travel abroad to buy export quality menswear.

The selling point is the same high quality export material for non-luxury price.

Tell us in a nutshell about your company

L'insoumis Ghana Ltd is a menswear retail business in Accra, Ghana. Specifically, a contemporary men's fashion brand that provides a limited range, carefully selected product mix of stylish dress shirts and shoes that appeal to business executives and working professionals in Ghana in an engaging, user-friendly online store that aims to simplify the way Ghanaian Shop and to give our customers high quality men's wear of international standards at affordable price points.

 Where is the company located?

We are in Tema, Ghana

Who are the owners of the company?

The company is owned by 2 shareholders. The founder who is the CEO and the director who is a minority shareholder.

 What are your company's Unique Selling Points?

We make men's wear that's distinct, with high aesthetic value, subtle design details, and a great fit that you'll love-all with a conscientious attitude. We are not your regular men's wear brand.

We inspire confidence by providing customers with products that are stylish, well constructed, and durable; Clothing and footwear that fit well and stand out. We use bold colors and subtle details in our designs together with select materials that give our products a contemporary aesthetic.

 Our garment and footwear makers use quality materials we source from international suppliers to manufacture our products to global standards. We streven om te gebruiken fabrieken die pay a living loon to workers and provide avenues for workers' representation eg, through unions.

Ultimately, we aim to support local manufacture of menswear and footwear through strong partnerships with first-rate companies in the region.

Våre produkter er begrænsede udgaver for at forhindre at vi har mange overskydende materialer som ikke er på fabrikken. In this way, we reduce factory waste during manufacture. Også, fordi de mindre mængder, vores garment og skolemaskiner kan give mere detaljeret opmærksomhed til produktkvalitet.

Ultimately, we aim to promote sustainable consumption by shifting the perception of Ghanaian consumers away from poorly made, inexpensive imports that are quickly disposed of in landfills towards well-made, higher-priced items that can be reused or recycled.

We show integrity because we do what we say we will do and if we make a mistake, we admit it, and try to be better the next time. Vi bekrefter at vi ikke har alle svarene, men vi lover å lære så mye vi kan når vi går med å bringe høykvalitetsprodukter til kunder.

 Who is your client base?

Våre ideelle kunder er forretningsledere og arbejdende fagfolk, som ikke ønsker å reise utenlands til køb eksportkvalitet menswear. Plus, our offerings are available at non-luxury prices.

 What are the ambitions of the company?

We hope to expand into other major West African cities through agreements with sales agents in select cities (eg, Abidjan, Lome, Abuja, Lagos, etc.) and subsequently, to the USA and UK.

 What is the latest news from your company?

We have recently signed on our first sales agent in Abuja (Nigeria) to form partnerships with physical retail stores / online platforms there to sell our specially-made men's shirts. We are also on the lookout for sales agents in Accra and Tema (Ghana) for similar partnerships.

L'insoumis has just been featured in an article in Enjoy Magazine 's June 2017 edition. We have begun accepting pre-orders of our shirts.


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