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[Startup Interview] David Givondo, CEO, Paybobby, Kenya

An idea that was hatched at a Kenyan University as a student’s project over a year ago has now metamorphosed into a regional business offering startups and SMEs across key economic sectors a chance at embracing technology to make intelligent decisions that boost sales and foster growth.

David Givondo, is the CEO and founder of, the company that now boasts of having captured the Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Cameroon markets.

 In this interview with Africa Business Communities, he explains how the company has leveraged on the impressive ICT growth to advance the Artificial Intelligence agenda and the dream of capturing European and Asian markets.  

Introduce your company is a Business Intelligence tech company that uses artificial Intelligence in Digitizing African based small and medium enterprises and startups.We enable businesses to use technology to make intelligent decisions in order to realise dynamic growth.

We enable small and medium enterprises and start-ups to scale faster, reach a larger client base online, increase efficiency and realise dynamic growth.

Where is the company located?

We have our main offices in Eldoret Kenya and enjoy a strong market in Tanzania, Uganda and Cameroon. We are accessible online at

When and how was the company founded? was founded at University of Eldoret as a student’s project in January 2017.Since then it has rapidly grown to become a major force in the African market gaining media exposure

How is the company funded? is funded by investors, partners and from revenue ploughed back by the founders.

What is your PayBobby’s unique selling points?

We have positioned ourselves to provide bespoke services including Chatbots API Integration, automated Customer Care, virtual secretarial services, use of Intelligent Social Media to ensure SMEs reach a larger client base and tailored web and mobile based software solutions.

How has the market responded to your services?

It has been a great market response. Within a year into operation we not only have clients from Kenya but also from all over Africa. African SMEs and start-ups are increasingly embracing Artificial Intelligence technology to realise dynamic growth.

Who are your clients?

We deal with start-ups in fin-tech, manufacturing industry, health sector, commerce and social good with our average list spanning from saloons, fruit vendors, wholesalers, catering services, media and law agencies.

What are the ambitions of the company?

We are quickly gaining traction. We have a roadmap to be a major force in the African Market by 2018 December by empowering African Small and medium enterprises. We do realise that start-ups are driving the African economy and provide a source of employment to youths and that’s what important to us.

We have plans to setup physical offices in Nigeria, South Africa and Cameroon by December 2018. By 2020 we would now start conquering emerging European and Asian markets. We also have plans of establishing an Artificial Intelligence Research Centre in Africa in the future.

What does you country need to grow and prosper

We are looking for virtual expert freelancer in machine learning, reference learning and python developers.

 We are currently operating efficiently but with more capital we could reach dynamic markets. We also call for an improvement of Internet Connection across African countries by governments and partners.

What is the latest news?

We are launching version 2.0 in Eldoret Kenya on 10th February 2018, an event that would be live streamed on our YouTube channel. The launch will be attended by angel Investors, start-ups, business leaders, government officials and owners of African based small and medium enterprises.

Who should contact you?

Start-up owners in fin-tech, health sector, manufacturing industry, commerce, SMEs and freelancers in IT, web design and development and social media marketers.


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