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[Startup Interview] Boluwa Olojo, Marketing Officer, Go Ads Africa, Nigeria

Boluwa Olojo joined the startup Go Ads Africa as its Chief Marketing and Sales officer, telling the company story and selling its products.

Could you introduce the company?

Go Ads Africa is an advertising technology company that brings efficiency and granular pricing to the advertising scene. We have the Hybrid Ad network and Go Experiential services.

A hybrid Ad network that serves both digital and traditional media with a granular pricing model. Clients view reports of all channels from a single portal which makes it easy to assess campaign performance. A big issue with LED boards is inability to get accurate analytics. At Go Ads Africa we can monitor the amount of people who view your boards. The granular pricing model brings campaign flexibility for brands and makes advertising more affordable for lower tier brands. We also have experiential services; Managed Wifi and interactive screens for events.

We've got a physical office in Lagos, Nigeria and we provide services across the country. So far we have worked with Leadway Pensure, Sigma Pensions, Suzuki, Lord’s Gin and ARM Pensions.

When was it founded and by who? 

Go Ads was founded in 2017 by four young men in Lagos- Timi Odusina, Henry Ajisegiri, Emmanuel Marchie and Abraham Ben-Obaje. I joined as a co-founder in 2019 to launch the marketing and commercial side of the technology business.

What are the company’s Unique Selling Points?

Our aim is to push ads to every screen in Africa, but what really sets us apart is the Go Ads hybrid network and that we can offer analytics for the Ads we setup.

How has the Nigerian market responded to your services?

Brands are very excited about our hybrid Ad network and they have used our granular pricing model for campaigns. We have added value to brands across various industries in Nigeria and we look forward to doing more.

What are the growth plans of Go Ads Africa?

For growth we will like to increase partners’ inventory; this focuses on Client (Agency) relationship. We also need more funds to expand our marketing budget and improve our technology. By Q2 2020, our Ad network will be a self-serve platform open to all media buyers. We intend to have all the Digital Boards in Nigeria on our platform and we also are looking to have fully launched our monitoring services on all the boards on our platform. 

From the 2nd week in August 2019, our Hybrid Ad Network will be fully ready for a controlled public use. This means professional media buyers can start running campaigns directly on our platforms. Our long term goal is to be a one-stop for all media buying services. We intend to expand to major advertising zones in Africa.


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