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[Startup Interview] Austin Zungu, Founder, Sengwayo, South Africa

Austin Zungu, a South African entrepreneur, is developing a one-of-a-kind inbuilt power harvesting technology that reduces dependency on plug-in-charging while providing eco- friendly power to mobile communication devices.

Through his company Sengwayo, Austin is looking at addressing the growing need for convenience among mobile gadget owners while promoting environmental conservation in technology. He explained to Africa Business Communities.

Tell us about Sengwayo?

Sengwayo Group is a company that mainly focuses on technology and innovation with our primary objective being availing tomorrow’s technology today.

 In the 21st century, our lifestyles demand a breakthrough technology for cell phones and tablets to autonomously charge and to reduce our dependency to plug-in charging. Therefore; the demand for a continuous and eco-friendly power on-the-go is huge.

 If only there was something, more convenient, cordless and self-powering, our lifestyle would be perfectly catered for.

Sengwayo Group is currently working on a major project of developing with intent of manufacturing and supplying PoEX Module, a Power Extending Module.

This is an innovative and promising mobile power solution designed with integrated mobile power harvesting technology to assist with extending the battery life our mobile communication devices such as cell phones and tablets.

It is designed to be built into cell phones and tablets. Our mobile communication devices will now require no plug-in charging, no external power banks and no cable charger, but our technology will simply provide a highly efficient and continuous power on the go.

 Where is your company located?

We are based at Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

When was the company founded and by who?

 Sengwayo Group was founded back in year February 2015 by Simangaliso Austin Zungu.  It is 100 per cent youth and black owned.

How is the company funded?

Sengwayo Group is bootstrapped by the founder but has been looking for capital investors to fund its ambitious project.

What are your company’s unique selling points?

What is new and so promising about our built-in power harvesting technology is the fact that it provides a continuous and eco-friendly power on-the-go for mobile communication devices to autonomously charge; meaning: it charges itself.

You don’t need to depend on centralized power source (plug-in-charging), you don’t need to carry power banks for power on-the-go.

It’s not only the environmental impact of this technology that seems so promising, but also the convenience. If an eco-friendly product actually makes life more convenient for most people, we know it won’t be a hard sell to get people to adopt it.

That’s why we can’t wait for this new technology to make its way into mainstream consumer products. Sounds a lot easier than having to plug in and recharge every time, right?      

How has the market responded to your products/services?

Media exposure has created a great demand and anticipation of the product. It is very much promising and the response is exactly what we anticipated.

Who forms your customer base?

Our target is small to large scale cell phones and tablets manufacturers from African countries and abroad.

 What are the ambitions of the company?

Our ambitions are to join forces with major cell phone and tablet manufacturers first in African countries, then globally. We intend to supply the products to them and also create much needed job opportunities.

What does your company need to grow and prosper?

We envision capital investment, micro warehouse for product manufacturing. Machinery and supply surety agreement.

What is the latest news from Sengwayo Group ?

I have won the Inkunzi’ Isematholeni Youth in Business Competition 2017, a flagship programme of Ithala Development Finance Corporation.

The competition attracts youth with innovative and sustainable business concepts and provides incubation and start-up in their journey to becoming seasoned entrepreneurs.

The product design and development of our innovation is currently underway.

Who should contact your company and why?

We are looking at working with investors for capital injection and cell phone and tablet manufacturers that would like to join forces with us for our product supply.


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