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This week Africa Business Communities meet with Jenny Reid, DirectoriFacts Limited trading as The Orange, on comprehensive employee solutions to companies in South Africa.

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"iFACTS is placed to meet the demands of any enterprise in an open and transparent manner. Backed by South Africa's oldest corporate security specialists, iFacts provides an array of services designed to ensure maximum security in your business dealings and personal peace of mind. In today’s challenging economic environment, businesses both large and small, across South Africa are affected by fraud and crime. It’s imperative that one institute’s safeguard procedures to reduce the possibility of an employee committing crime or fraud. Employee screening is a process in which a prospective employee is investigated to verify qualifications and confirm that the person would be a safe and appropriate match for the workplace. There are several goals to employee screening.

The first is to confirm that an employee is actually qualified for the position. The second is to identify any potential safety risks, including threats to physical safety in the workplace and the security of data the employee might handle. Employee screening is also designed to spot personality traits which may be beneficial or problematic. Prevention is one of the most cost-effective means to
reduce the criminal costs of business. Companies need to be on their guard to prevent the impact of criminal activity from affecting profitability to the point that the viability of their business comes into question. iFacts will be your partner of choice for professional employee screening services.

The Orange
If an employee’s wellbeing and health are not in order, this can have a radical effect on their work ethic and output. Stress, poor diet and personal issues combined can push a person into crime through shear desperation. Syndicates prey on weaknesses and will target a vulnerable employee to work for better rewards. Furthermore, unhappy
employees may well turn to fraud as a means of bettering their circumstances.
If companies are serious about employee screening, they need not only have an effective pre-employment screen-ing policy, they need to ensure that their existing employ-ees are loyal, productive and honest.
You can achieve this through:
? Effective Employee Placements
? Thorough Employee Screening Checks
? Ensuring the Health and Wellbeing of Employees
? Assisting with Employee Financial Planning
? Instilling an Employee Honesty Programme
? Ensuring you have an Employee Security and Safety Plan



Background checks are a critical component in hiring. What can make the difference between success and failure in hiring?
"The cost of a simple employee screening can save thousands when compared to the cost of financial loss created by an employee or the cost of trying to terminate employment after the incorrect person has been hired. A good company employee screening policy is essential and should be implemented by HR but should be worked in conjunction with the security department of the company."


What makes businesses often forgo candidate background checks?

"Often companies see employee screening as an expense rather than an investment in employees and this can backfire easily. Management will often believe they have found the right employee and bypass HR to ensure that the candidate is employed. This can either be as a result of fraudulent intentions or it can be for good intentions that go wrong."


How relevant is your services in Africa?
"Employee screening can be done in any country in the world. The legal requirements for each country must be checked in line with the employee screening policy of the company and the availability of information must also be checked before implementing the policy."


What kind of approach do you take in hiring for big businesses?
"We would normally engage the HR department to assist them with drawing up an employee screening policy. We have a standard document which we provide the company with and then we assist them to customize such a document. We also work with the security department and then the executives of the company to ensure that the policy of the company has the buy in of all departments."


How do businesses approach your company for services?
"We have a very active social media marketing programme and this often brings us new business. We also often get clients by referral because our service is good. Service in our industry is determined by turnaround time and price."


How do you go about employee wellbeing?
"We have an online wellness programme which we share freely with clients and associations. It helps employees to be aware of nutritional requirements, exercise matters and stress matters. They are able to track their situation and set goals."


What criteria do you access employee rewards with?
"Employee rewards should be in line with company budget and should be well communicated to staff so that they are motivated to achieve the levels required by the company."


Are these processes challenging?
"Employee reward processes should not be seen as a challenge but rather as an incentive and the company and employees should be encouraged to work together to the benefit of all parties."


Are there comprehensive guide to hiring an employee?
"Yes we have a basic employee screening policy which I am attaching for your information."


Is your company funded? Do you need more funding?
"No I invested in IT systems for the company and try not to get into debt and invest back in the business to grow it."


Any advice for employers?
"Don’t believe anything you are told by prospective employees. Check, check and check again."


What practices would you suggest to employers?
"Implement an appropriate employee screening policy."


What are your thoughts about doing business in Africa?
"Understand that each country has different requirements and systems and you need to work within the parameters that are available. Africa is the continent of growth and we need to work with the countries and not believe that they should adhere to our standards."





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