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[Interview] Wael Rashidy, Founder & Business Mentor, Guiders Consult, Egypt

Wael Rashidy is an accredited SME Business Consultant from the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultant, USA, member of Egyptian Junior Business Association “EJB”, International Council for Small Business “ICSB”, and Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE).

With extensive experience in International Business in Japan, Europe, the Middle East  and Africa, he guides an impressive number of businesses to success through his management consulting firm, Guiders Consult.

Could you introduce your company?

Guiders Consult is a registered W.L.L Management Consultancy Company under the Egyptian Law. We apply unique designed business models and services to support business owners and entrepreneurs leading their business toward profitability,

Our unique Consultancy model is based on changing traditional consultancy service from analyzing challenges and planning for customers to helping and guiding customer to plan for their business, understand and participate in getting over business challenges and mentoring them during plan implementation.

Value adding is our mission, mentoring businesses to take necessary corrective actions, guiding their sales figures to profitability and growth,

Where is Guiders Consult located and how is it funded?

Guiders Consult privately funded, and is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Heliopolis Area. We do however service far beyond our borders.

What are your company’s Unique Selling Points?

Being entrepreneurs ourselves gives us a better perspective into what works for businesses when mentoring them through plan implementation or any sort of corrective action plan. We guarantee the added value of our knowledge base and experience to our customers,

Consulting can be tricking when it comes to billing so we are careful not to blur the lines in a way to disfavor our clients; our customers pay for exactly what their business needs,

We help entrepreneurs, period. Our model does not rely on business segment nor geographical location. The business management concepts are constant. However the way of applying it makes a big difference, and that’s what makes us capable of working with diverse market segment and industries.

Are your clients private, government or organizations?

Our clients are companies that have business challenges, willing to expand, or already growing and willing to reinvest in different areas in the business,

The size of our targeted customers could be Startups, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The geographical location never been a problem as far as we can communicate online,

What are the ambitions of the company?

In general, our ambition is to generate a healthy profitable layer of Entrepreneurial Startups, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise size of business,

Our greater ambition is to be a support hub for business owners, from getting over business challenges to business profitability and growth,

What is the latest news from your company?

Very soon in August 2017 we will announce the launching of our new Outsourced B2B Direct Sales Service, to be the 1st company in Egypt that offers such service to its customers locally and globally,

Our targeted customers for this service will be any product/service provider that looking to sell in the Egyptian Market, as a first step, and then to the African and Middle East Markets as a second step after proofing success stories for expansion.

Sales has been always a part of any organization’s challenges,. It requires special talent, tools, time, efforts, and investment to be properly executed in a manner to penetrate the market.

Who should contact Guiders Consult, and why?

For our Business Mentoring Service, any Startup or MSME, irrespective of industry or sector, can contact us when they need mentoring in business performance, managerial processes as well as overcoming any business and market challenges,

For Outsourced B2B Direct Sales Service, any product/service provider who is willing to penetrate the Egyptian, African and Middle East Market respectively, by hiring outsourced companies that will act as a sales department in a specific market, as a part of your company team, without investing an excessive amount of time, effort and money. We are not agents, distributors, or representatives; we are brand ambassadors, a part of your company team.




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