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[Interview] Saeed Ibrahim Talfo, CEO, Golden Land, Sudan

Saeed Talfo has spent about a decade working in ICT, telecom delivery and service, and HE is currently the CEO of GLSD.

Tell a bit about your company?

Golden Land delivers ICT services including data center solutions and ELV TK projects, and we're located in Qatar, with a branch in Kahrtoum, Sudan (GLSD). The company undertakes turnkey projects involving design, supply, installation and commissioning of telecommunication, security and networking systems.

One of the fastest growing organizations in Qatar, we started operations in Doha in 1976 as an Engineering Services Company and have since expanded our business in the MENA. With the need to diversify the company’s activities, independent specialized business units arose, giving birth to Golden Land Sudan. Golden Land Qatar is positioned to take advantage of the fast growing FTTX market in Qatar with over 5 years experience in both OSP and ISP solutions and installation service. We are equipped with all modern equipment for OSP and ISP deployment with skilled engineers, project managers and back office support. We have done telecom infrastructure development for many real estate developers all over Qatar and in past years we were Qtel partner in copper wire deployment in Qatar. With a team of qualified and experienced sales and support engineers, it has well established facilities for pre and post sales activities.

As a customer oriented company, our goal is to search the latest technologies that meet the client’s requirement with competence and flexibility, and to execute projects in accordance with the highest international standards. 

Who are your clients?

OOREDOO, Vodafone Qatar, and Huawei. 

Will Golden Land be expanding into other African countries?

We are planning to expand over Africa and soon we will open a branch in Kigali and Dakar to cover East and West Africa with our new ideas of businesss. I always say that small ideas can become big things, and big things well tended can only grow bigger.

How does Golden Land work to improve the ICT market in Sudan, and Africa as a whole?

We, at Golden Land, are not without ambition. We aren’t the largest company in Sudan but in all modesty, we may well be the best, and we are working hard to become the most relevant as well as create value in Africa through ICT fields.n our operations, we do things differently as regards connecting the people of Africa to the top technologies of IT and Telecom together with our customers who lead the technologies in the world. We do our utmost for our professionals to become market leaders and great engineers. Fast. Focused. Targeted. We don’t sit back and wait on others to change the situation fin which we find ourselves. War, genocide, poverty and poor infrastructures have set us back greatly, and we are the ones who live with the issues and so must get to work with local people proactively for a solution - and this is what we do first, before thinking of profits. We aim for results like giving our African engineers opportunities to brand themselves and prove that we can be self-sufficient. And this area we have achieved a good level of success.

Africa needs us as well as we need it for business. The mentality of business people must change - they must share the benefits to the people who contribute to their companies. It is not enough to distribute salaries and wages, they must furnish their people with ideas to help them grow.
We are going to use technologies to integrate people good ideas for how we can change the image of Africa and build confidence in the younger generation. The engineers and staff of our company will be well trained not just in the execution of their job tasks, but how to effect positive change in their communities.

What does Golden Land need to grow?

The first thing that comes to my mind is getting new projects and investors over Africa, but the projects we already have are our best bet for increasing our sales. We are going to dig more in all African countries for ICT and ELV projects and engage with public and private sectors.

We are well aware of the long and short-term investment opportunities in Africa and are poised to exploit them to the fullest. We are working to be involved in 5G telecom services delivery and solutions especially with Ericsson and Huawei technologies. We can provide engineering staff with advanced expertise from the Gulf region to transfer expertise and raise the efficiency of local engineers in Africa. In short, our goal is to introduce African people as the best for productivity and innovation, and replace the image of irresponsibility with one of efficiency and confidence.


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