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[Interview] Murtaza Versi, CEO, Noesis Strategic Institute, Tanzania

Noesis Strategic Institute, is a Tanzania-based company that works with organizations to elevate, empower and sharpen their workforce by building a cohesive system with an aim of achieving business success through bespoke services. The CEO Murtaza Versi explains

Tell us about your company

Based in Dar es Salaam, Noesis Strategic Institute was registered around January’07 but the formation process began in 2006. That is when we started figuring out who we were targeting, how to conduct our business and looking for partners and shareholders. The motivation behind Noesis is really the Tanzanian workforce and Tanzanian hospitality, as we realized that we had a lot of readily available workforce (in terms of customer service) that lacked the proper attitude and behavioural skills to harness this natural gift to impact their business. Based on the behavioural modal, we came up with our Engage Relate Perform approach that where we develop tailor-made programs to develop a culture of performance (growth and learning).

What are the long-term ambitions you’re aiming for, as an organization?

Using digital media to take my message and NSI goals to the next level, I started podcasting in 2021 and named it ‘Engage Relate Perform’ which is the show for leaders (positional or otherwise, at work and at home) looking to be impactful and having results that stick! The long-term goal is to build a global community of leaders that shares and learns from each other on the importance of organizational culture on service and satisfaction in personal and professional settings.

What government policies can be implemented for companies to thrive in Tanzania?

Here’s an idea for you; how about government policy that encourages companies to invest more developing talent? Something to where it can even tax deductible, to combat the fear many have in investing in their people due to the turnover. I can also highlight the importance ofeveryone playing their respective part so the existing policies are effectively and efficiently applied.

Which 3 African countries do you think will perform best in terms of business in 2022? Why do you think so?

Tanzania for its government alignment with technology, development plans and finance in recent years, Kenya for its great base of infrastructure which investors love and Ethiopia for opening opportunities to strategic investors.

How will Africa develop as a knowledge economy in 2022 and how can companies contribute?

Africa will further embrace technological solutions combining it with its unique flare to being sustainable solutions to the whole world such as African-based media like my Engage Relate Perform podcast. We also see more African contribution in every arena including social media, more talent living and thriving via tech and it just goes to show how opportunity is just click away. Companies can contribute by investing into their people and organizational culture with an emphasis on growth and learning that will encourage and harness this power responsibly.

Any news or information from your organization you’d like to share?

We’d love to see more growth an embracing of success via culture and we are coming up with new programs that are tailormade to help you drive processes and people to deliver the right outcomes for you. You can join in via my podcast (available on my website & other podcasting platforms) where people can come together and contribute to knowledge economy one at a time and together.


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