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[Interview] Michael Leander, Founder and CEO, Markedu

Attendees at the upcoming Digital Marketing Masterclass taking place in Uganda and Rwanda can win an iPad and other prizes. Africa Business Communities has asked Markedu founder Michael Leander what this event is all about.

Tell us a briefly about your company.

Markedu is an international training institute. Our purpose is to HIT - Help, Inspire and Train. We are adamant about the impact people feel after attending one of our masterclasses, workshops, seminars or webinars.
Since 2009 we have conducted large and small-scale events and training courses across the globe and have directly impacted over 10.000 professionals, mainly in the marketing sphere.

In East Africa we work closely with local partner A.B.M.C.

Who are your clients?

Markedu’s clients consist of an impressive list of Fortune 500 corporations, but more importantly a long list of small and medium sized businesses. We have direct and indirect clients from over 100 countries on all continents.

You are organizing a Digital Marketing Masterclass in both Kigali and Kampala.  What is the objective of this event?

The Digital Marketing Masterclass is designed to inspire and teach attendees how to become successful with digital marketing. The objective of the event is to help attendees lay the foundation for an impactful presence in the digital and mobile space.  

Having delivered this particular format in over 25 countries, we are proud to say that the feedback has been excellent.   

Who can participate in this Digital Masterclass, and how?

Any professionals with a desire to succeed in digital marketing can attend. To attend, people can simply visit the websites of Kigali and Kampala to register.

There have been similar events organized in Rwanda and Uganda. Are the upcoming digital marketing events an entry into the African scene?

This is not a new entry into the African scene, but an expansion of Markedu’s current activities in Africa. Through our partnership with A.B.M.C. we have already conducted several successful digital marketing events, marketing courses and marketing webinars over the past 18 months or so.

Interestingly we have experienced a very significant need for learning in Africa. In particular in the digital marketing and mobile marketing space.

Why is this a good time to venture into Africa, and will there be subsequent events of the same or similar objectives in other African cities going forward?

Some might say it is a bit too early to enter the African market. But we believe it is important not to treat Africa as one market, but rather look at the specific characteristics in each market. And when we do, the timing is perfect. I have no doubt that the need for digital marketing skills is going to grow rapidly over the coming 5-7 years. As a professional training organizer utilizing highly skilled and accomplished trainers, we certainly will experience challenges related to pricing and profitability in the short term. But we believe that we need to be in the market for the long-term opportunities.  
And yes, the Digital Marketing Masterclass will be held as either 1, 2 or 3 day formats in other African countries over the coming 12 months. In addition, we are launching the Chartered Digital Marketer Certification, which initially takes place in Nairobi and in Dubai.

What can participants and partners expect to gain from the Digital Marketing Masterclass in October?

Based on what past attendees have said, participants can expect to get actionable tips and insight from practitioners.  So – not a whole lot of theory – but tons of practical and useful advice.

The Digital Marketing Masterclass will cover a number of highly crucial digital marketing and mobile marketing areas. The speakers will share their hard-earned experience from the trenches and best tips. The tips will in turn help attendees understand how to approach digital moving forward.
Importantly, all speakers have at least 10 years of hard-core digital marketing experience.

The digital marketing masterclass will be held in Kampala, Uganda on 3rd October 2017 and in Kigali, Rwanda on 5th October 2017.





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