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[Interview] Mansur M. Nuruddin, Partner, MNCapital Africa Advisors

Mansur M. Nuruddin is a founding Partner of MNCapital Africa Advisors, a financial advisory firm focused on the African market.

Would you please introduce your company?

MNCapital Africa Advisors (MNCAA) is an African focused financial advisory firm. MNCAA’s partners are based throughout Africa, including Botswana, DRC, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, and in key financial centers globally, including Dubai, London, Paris, New York and Singapore. Our world-class interdisciplinary team includes lawyers, bankers, CPAs and marketing professionals.

MNCAA’s capital raising services are backed by strong relationships with key decision-makers in Africa-focused private equity firms and Development Finance Institutions, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, High Net Worth Individuals and strategic investors. Members of our team have been involved in capital raising transactions with an aggregate transaction value well in excess of $1 billion.

Recent successfully completed mandates include: $6 million for a Zimbabwean Dairy Company; $38 million for an Independent Hydro Project in the DRC; $6 million for a South African ink manufacturer’s acquisition of a US ink company; and $65 million for a leading Nigerian bank.

When and why was MNCAA set up?

MNCAA was established in 2014 to assist African companies and project sponsors in raising capital.

What is MNCAA’s unique selling point?

First, I think the quality of our service. Unlike many “advisors” in Africa who simply send around pre-packaged deals, MNCAA advises clients on structuring transactions, invests time and energy to understand the funders’ view on proposed transactions and works to restructure transactions to address issues posed by funders. Secondly, the depth of funder network and quality of relationships with funders. Our database of funders in unmatched by our competition and we have worked hard to develop and deepen our relationships with funders to understand what they are looking for, which changes depending on the views of the funders senior management. Lastly, I would point to the breadth of funding available. We assist clients in raising capital across the capital structure, i.e., Long Term Capital (Equity, Mezzanine and Debt), Short Term Financing (Purchase Order Financing and Invoice Discounting) and Trade Finance (Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Eximbank Financing and Trade Finance Investors).

What’s the latest that you’d like to disclose?

I recently published “Get Money: A Practical Guide to Capital Raising for African Companies and Entrepreneurs". My book codifies my last seven years on the frontlines in Africa assisting African companies and entrepreneurs in raising capital. As the Managing Partner of MNCapital Africa Advisors (MNCAA), I have helped African companies and entrepreneurs raise hundreds of millions of dollars.  MNCAA has assisted a wide-array of companies in a multitude of industries raise capital in some of the most difficult jurisdictions on the African Continent. The book is available on Amazon.

In what direction is MNCAA going this year?

In 2018, MNCAA has continued to move-up the value-chain and is securing larger and more high profile transactions. We hope to announce some high-profile transactions soon.




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