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[Interview] Lara Onafeko, CEO, Sidney Folarin Consulting, South Africa

Lara Onafeko is a Nigerian entrepreneur, CEO of consulting firm Sidney Folarin Consulting, located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Could you introduce your company please?

Sidney Folarin Consulting is a firm offering state of the art B2B Consulting Services which includes but not limited to corporate trainings, development and strategy management, IT support and event management using our dedicated specialised platforms. We're located in Cape Town, South Africa and we've been around since November 2008.

Who are your clients?

Our clientele comes from several industries - Construction, Transport, Agriculture, Information Technology, Hospitality, Media, Engineering, Oil &Gas, Telecommunications, Textile & Manufacturing and Government. 

What are the firm's Unique Selling Points?

Our uniqueness in service and approach as well as our ability to match our clients with the right audience/market in real time and ensuring a successful business to business networking. 

What are the growth and expansion prospects of Sidney Folarin Consulting?

As believers we already have within us all that we need to grow, increase and prosper and we look forward to establishing another branch that will continue to deliver our service to other parts of the world. 

What is the latest news from Sidney Folarin Consulting?

We have recently introduced a new product that will enhance a speedy and quality customer service for companies that are looking to improve their response time and service delivery. We believe in working together so we can do more and help those that are struggling to increase their productivity whilst enhancing their overall performance.


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